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(the ultimate HD-Installer for OS-Killer)
send comments, new installs to: wepl#whdload.de

Greetings and thanks are flying to:

  • Harry for installs, ideas, technical help and know how;
  • Mr.Larmer for installs, finding a lot of bugs in WHDLoad and help to fix them;
  • Bored Seal for installs, tips and meetings;
  • Codetapper for clean installs, tools and english documentation assistance;
  • JOTD for converting many JST installs, support, technical help und ideas;
  • Psygore for many nice installs and support for SP and WWarp;
  • StingRay for many installs and supporting the project that much;
  • CFOU! for many installs and other work;
  • Dark Angel for installs and support;
  • John Girvin for installs, CRC16 and a lot of mail;
  • Don Adan for technical assistance;
  • Galahad for installs;
  • Graham for RawDIC, installs and suggestions;
  • MiCK, Abaddon, Blackwine, Morbidius for installs;
  • Robert Leffmann for his SHA-256 implementation;
  • Angus, Chris, Carlo, Sascha, Susann, Ungi , ... for friendship;
  • all translators of the docs;
  • Olbi for his CS and all registered WHDLoad users!

1996-2021 Bert Jahn, All rights reserved.

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