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InstallBB * Installing Bootblocks

InstallBB read or writes Bootblocks from or to a disk. The bootblocks are handled as executables. On writing it will preserve the disk filesystem type by first reading the bootblock and merging the DosType (DOS0, DOS1 ...) to the new one. The bootblock checksum is automatically calculated.


InstallBB is contained only in the DEV archive, not in the USR archive
copy it to C: or a similar place


PROGRAM/A   the executable file which will be read or written, must be specified
UNIT/K/N the trackdisk unit number (floppy drive number)
default is 0 (DF0:)
WRITE/S switcher, if not specified the bootblock will be read from disk to a file, if specified the given program will be written to disk

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