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Reloc * Relocating Executables

A small tool to relocate a standard AmigaDOS Executable to an absolute address and save this as a simple data file. This was required for earlier WHDLoad versions to handle AmigaDOS executables. Starting with WHDLoad version 8.0, the function resload_Relocate can be used instead.


Reloc is contained only in the DEV archive, not in the USR archive
copy it to C: or a similar place


INPUTFILE/A   the executable file which should relocated, must be specified
OUTPUTFILE the name of the file to write, if not specified the source file will be overwritten
ADR/K the start address for the relocated file, if not specified $400 is used, you can use simple expressions like "$5000" = "20480" = " -$Ff +-33+ 19512+$4e8" (prefix "$" for hexadecimal numbers, supported operators are "+" and "-", unary and binary)
QUIET/S disables all output, except error messages, enable this for using it conjunction with Installer scripts

Return code

The return code is set to 0 if all went OK, otherwise to 10.


The HUNKs from the executable are copied in the same order to the absolute file. BSS-HUNKs are blown up to their real sizes. Not supported are HUNKs introduced with with AmigaDOS 2.0 (e.g. RELOC32_SHORT).
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