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CRC16 * Calcuate CRC16 Checksum

This program calculates the CRC-16 of a specified portion of a file (or the whole file). The idea is basically to be used in installation scripts that need to identify which version of a file they are working with to install different Slaves etc. The value it returns is the same as the CRC-16 calculated by resload_CRC16 which might be handy as well during Slave development.


copy it to C: or a similar place


FILE/A file to calculate checksum from
example "S:Startup-Sequence"
OFFSET/K/N   start offset in file
default beginning of file
example "OFFSET=11264" to start at track 2 of standard disk image
LENGTH/K/N amount of bytes to calculate the crc on
default end of file
example "LENGTH=1024"

Return code

The CRC16 is returned as the exit code of the program.
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