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SP * Save Picture

A tool to extract a picture from a dump file created by WHDload.


SP is contained only in the DEV archive, not in the USR archive
copy it to C: or a similar place


First a dump file must be created. Start the installed program from which the picture should be ripped. It must be run with the option Snoop/S enabled. Also Expert/S and DebugKey/K/N must be set. If the picture to rip is shown press the DebugKey. WHDLoad now writes the dump file. Using Shell/CLI enter the directory where the dump file is located. Now invoke SP with the filename to save as argument. SP will load the dump file and try to save the picture. If you have set the CoreDumpPath option you dont need to enter the directory of the dump file because SP reads the global WHDLoad configuration file to find it.


OutputFile/A the filename of the picture to save
Cop/K sets the start address of the first copperlist to interpret, if you like to overwrite the address contained in the dump file
CS=CopStop/K this options specifies the address to stop interpreting the copperlist. It must be used if the screen is built up of more than one picture
Width/K specifies the width of the picture to save, it will not affect the modulo values!
Height/K specifies the height of the picture to save
con0/K overwrites the bplcon0 register contained in the dump file
mod1/K,mod2/K overwrites the bplmod1/bplmod2 register contained in the dump file
pt1/K,pt2/K,pt3/K,pt4/K   overwrites the bplpt1,2,3,4 register contained in the dump file
NoCopLst/S disables dumping the copperlist

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