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ITD * Image To Disk

Tool to write disk images back to a floppy like device.


ITD is contained only in the DEV archive, not in the USR archive.
Copy it to C: or a similar place.


File/A name of the file which contains the disk image to write to the device
Device the device to which ITD will write the image
default "DF0:"
example "RAD:"
Format/S if enabled the disk will also be formatted while written, for most devices this makes no difference
BlockSize/N the amount of data read and written during each cycle, the default is the size of a track (BlocksPerTrack*SizeBlock)
if operating on larger devices it may improve the performance to use a larger block size but beware that some devices don't work correctly with block sizes larger then 130,560 ($1fe00) or even 65,024 ($fe00)
ASync/S if enabled ITD will write asynchron to the destination device
don't use if source file and destination device are located on the same physical device, because it will slow down the operation
if either of source file and destination device supports DMA it will significant improve the performance of the copy operation
ForceOverwriteLargeDevice/S normally ITD will not read from files or write to devices larger than 2,000,000 bytes. Using this switch it will operate on files and devices with any size.

Return code

Set to 0 on success otherwise 20.


ITD can write to any trackdisk like device. To avoid problems (e.g. corrupting your harddrive) it does not write to devices larger than 2,000,000 bytes except option ForceOverwriteLargeDevice/S is used. If the write operation will go outside the 4 GiB bounds it will use TrackDisk64 commands.
There will be NO verify performed.
If the image is smaller than the device you will get a warning message. ITD will not change the remaining tracks in this case but will round up the size to a full block and clear the trailing space. If the image is larger you will also get a message and ITD will write as much data as fits on the device.
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