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FindAccess * Find Access to a memory location

This tool will load the specified file and scans it for accesses to a given address. It will find all absolute and relative 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit references. It has been written to analyse the coredump files. It is similar to the Freezer command FA but will not disassemble the access but show it as a pure hex dump.


FindAccess is only contained in the DEV archive, not in the USR archive
copy it to C: or a similar place


I use the following alias (added to my S:Shell-Startup) to search in the last memory dump written by WHDLoad:

alias fa FindAccess C:.whdl_memory

so I can open a Shell and type for example:

fa $15000

and will get the output:

FindAccess 1.2 (17-Jan-99 14:45:18) by Bert Jahn
loading file Workbench:CE/.whdl_memory
scanning accesses to $15000 (86016) file: $0-$80000
Relative Word at $ 14240 -> 06C00000 07C00000 0DC0 00000CC0 000004C0


FILE/A the name of the file to scan
ADDRESS/A   the access address you search for, you can use simple expressions like "$5000" = "20480" = " -$Ff +-33+ 19512+$4e8" (prefix "$" for hexadecimal numbers, supported operators are "+" and "-", unary and binary)
ORG the logical start address of the file, if not specified $0 is used, you can use same simple expressions as with ADDRESS/A

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