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0005161Switchblade2[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2021-05-13 00:29
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoSwitchblade 2 (Gremlin)
Summary0005161: Slowdowns and glitches in this new version.
Descriptionslowdowns and glitches in this new version. No problem with the prvious one (v1.3).
Steps To ReproduceTested on real hardware but partially reproduced on Winuae (only some slowdowns)
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
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note ~0010226

JOTD (developer)

I've added an option to disable blitterwaits among other fixes. Can you test again?

note ~0010231

ixien (reporter)

It's far better ;-) But I continue to suffer of glitchies at the beginning of the games, during the outside part. It's only during this part and only on my real Amiga, not WinUAE. Difficult to say if something can be made if you can't reproduce the problem without trying it on a real Amiga.

note ~0010235

JOTD (developer)

attached a new slave. Can you test with just disable blitterwaits, and not enable second button/joypad controls

note ~0010237

ixien (reporter)

You got it, it perfectly works now. I suppose you change something as I make all my test without the second button control.

Some more interesting tests :
       - Second button option : no glitchies now with this one. If you press Pause button on a CD32 joypad, game freezes of course but you can't resume it pressing PAUSE again. Need to press P on keyboard to resume game.
       - Joypad controls : Glitchies with this option, blue/yellow doesn't work to jump and PAUSE button needs to press P on keyboard to resume game!

note ~0010238

JOTD (developer)

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that's interesting because second button option also enables joypad controls option... so if "joypad controls" is an issue, it's anyway enabled by "second button". I'm puzzled here.

enabling "joypad controls" alone just enables meta keys (play => pause, broken... fwd+rev+yellow: quit to wb). But keeps "up" as jump. Just for the people who prefer that even with a joypad connected...

Yeah, I noticed that there's a bug for pause. And no way to quit game either (ESC??). I'll fix that one too.

My personal opinion is that disabling blitter fixes on 68000 is the reason why it works better. Blitterwaits aren't necessary on a standard 68000/7MHz because the game was designed with that speed in mind. So adding extra waits of course slows down the game to a point where vertical refresh is out of sync and glitches happen.

note ~0010239

ixien (reporter)

I just realize that you made the 2d button jumps option act like the joypad controls and it's perfectly working (blue/yellow buttons to low/high jumps and quit combination). But PAUSE option keeps the same problem (keyboard needed to resume).

As an advice, please disconnect UP on the D-Pad, because mixing controls by mistake sometimes make doing weird things to the main character :-).

note ~0010240

JOTD (developer)

Last edited: 2021-05-09 10:15

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but UP is already disconnected when 2/3 button jump is enabled, unless player encounters a ladder to climb on (always hard to implement this feature)

note ~0010241

ixien (reporter)

II will make some more tests after something I have to do this end of morning.

But IMO, to have a simple option system, you should just keep a full joypad control option. The ones that want to play with the original gameplay play on a joystick that means they play on Amiga and have their keyboard for pause and quit options. On joypad, keeping the original gameplay while you got a jump buttons option is a nonsense as making a high jump on a D-Pad is just a pain in the neck (down then up was design for joysticks). And for the ones that play with a second button only joypad (Megadrive)? Well, mixing down + 2d button is not more ergonomic than down + up.

You see, here the gameplay of Switchblade 2 using a joypad needs 3 buttons to be really effective, so only for CD32 joypad users I think.

That's why I think that you should keep only 2 choices : normal gameplay or full joypad gameplay.

note ~0010242

ixien (reporter)

Or maybe a cycle option, not 2 boxes to tick, to be sure to have a simple system that doesn't permit to select 2d button and joypad controls options at the same time.

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