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Wheels On Fire (Prolixity)

download the install packageWheelsOnFire.lha
created at2011-12-17
size of install package60553 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light4863
Lemon Amiga2304

Short : HD-Installer for Wheels On Fire
Type : game/patch
Author : Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That install applies to "Wheels On Fire" © 1997 Prolixity

It requires:
 - WHDLoad 17+
 - 1.6 MB ChipMem and 2.8 MB OtherMem (+4.1 MB OtherMem for preload option)
 - An installed A1200 Kickstart 3.1 image

Version 1.0 (16.12.2011) by Psygore:
 - Color/NewIcon (created by me) and BoxIcon included
 - Uses KickEmu 3.1 (written by Wepl/JOTD)
 - Decrunch CRM files via WHDLoad
 - Blitter wait patched
 - Quit with F10

All files (CrM2/Crm2) in data dir can be depacked with xfddecrunch if you want
to speed up the loading, but it will need about 11 MB of memory for preload.
Btw, they can be re-packed with Propack (method 1 or 2).

Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the original disks.

Please support the development of WHDLoad by registering.
For more infos: http://www.whdload.de/reg.html

The  kickstart image must be located in the directory "Devs:Kickstarts" and
must  be  named  "kick40068.A1200"  (or kick40068.A4000).  The image can be
extracted  from  a  A1200  (or A4000) with tools like 'GrabKick' or similar
which  can be found on aminet.  If the image is of wrong version or altered
in  any  way WHDLoad will quit with an appropriate requester.  Additionally
the file "kick400068.A1200.RTB" (or kick400068.A1200.RTB) must be installed
in  the  same  directory  as  the  kickstart image.  It can be found in the
archive "util/boot/skick346.lha" on aminet.

If you have problems with this installation please report them via the
Bug-Report-Form which can be accessed via 


or via mail to: psygore@whdload.de

for full WHDLoad package and other installs refer to:

        or      aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?
        and     aminet:game/patch/

--- (_ __¬) __) \ ¬) ___)   ¬) __¬)¬__) ---
 --  /  _/__¬\  / / /_¬\  --/ _  / __)  --
  - (__/(_____)  /(_____)  /_/ \(_____) -
            (___/      \__/     \__)in 12.2011

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
WheelsOnFire.slave - 16.12.2011 21:00:02 - 7448 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError Req68020 ReqAGA EmulPriv Examine
required Chip Memory1664 KiB ($1a0000)
required Expansion Memory2816 KiB ($2c0000)
info nameWheels On Fire
info copy1997 Prolixity
info installInstalled by Psygore
Version 1.0 (16 Dec 2011)
Kickstart name40068.a1200 40068.a4000 40063.a600
Kickstart size512 KiB ($80000)
Kickstart checksum$9ff5 $75d3 $970c

Install Archive Content Listing
39751lh51798Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD.info
326581lh58215Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/Install-WheelsOnFire
37151lh52574Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/Install-WheelsOnFire.info
20471lh51053Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/ReadMe
19901lh51312Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/ReadMe.info
213531lh518545Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/WheelsOnFire.colbox
148851lh513312Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/WheelsOnFire.colicon
14551lh5540Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/WheelsOnFire.inf
199891lh57274Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/WheelsOnFire.newicon
74481lh55278Amiga2011-12-16 21:00:02WheelsOnFireHD/WheelsOnFire.slave

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