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I'm in holidays from September 13th, 2015 until September 24th, 2015. During this time no registrations will be processed!
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience! Please stay tuned.


Please register WHDLoad!

A lot of time and effort has gone into the development of WHDLoad and all the installs which use it. If you want any support for installs and/or WHDLoad, if you want to see new installs and if you want more and new features in WHDLoad - there is one thing that you can do for it: REGISTER WHDLOAD. The amount of time I will spend on the development of WHDLoad and further installs depends on the number of registered users.

Possibilities to register WHDLoad

You can either pay by sending cash via mail, online using a credit card through KAGI or using PayPal (see below). If you want to send cash you can use Euro, US$ or your local currency. Here is a table with the amount of cash requested:
United Kingdom15£British Pound
If you like to receive your keyfile via a Amiga floppy disk instead by email you have to add 5 €/£/$!
If your currency is not listed, check here and round up the result.
Put the cash, together with the filled out registration form, in an envelope and send it to my address. Please send only bank notes, no coins!

Inside the European Union you can also register by a bank/wire transfer and sending the regform via email. For that please email me to get the bank account details.

Inside Germany please check here for additional ways to register.

Online registration via credit card

If you own a credit card you can register WHDLoad online. Just fill out the following forms. After I get informed of your payment I will send you your personalized keyfile via email. This procedure will usually take only 3-4 working days. The payment via credit card will be always charged in US$, if you live outside the USA your local currency will be automatically converted to US$ (depending on the actual exchange rate). For your own security a WWW-Browser which supports SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is recommended.

Please select your prefered language:

Dansk Deutsch English Español Français Italiano 日本語 Nederlands Português Русскнй Suomi Svenska

Online registration via PayPal

If you have a PayPal account you can register WHDLoad online. Just click on the following image button. After I get informed of your payment I will send you your personalized keyfile via email. This procedure will usually take only 3-4 working days.

Please dont forget to enter shipment address, it's required!

Delivery per emailDelivery on floppy disk
 20 € Euro/EYPΩ
 25 € Euro/EYPΩ
 15 £ British Pound
 20 £ British Pound
 30 $ U.S.Dollar
 35 $ U.S.Dollar

How to get a free registration

WHDLoad-developers which have created at least 3 quality installs using WHDload will get registered for free. I decide what a quality install is. In short, it should run on all Amigas (up to 68060 CPU), should support variable QuitKey and should follow the guidelines from the WHDLoad documentation. Also the author has to support his installs for a longer time (e.g. fix other versions of the same game).
If you are looking for stuff to install just contact me, here are a lot of requests waiting for an install.

Another possibility to receive a free registration is to translate the WHDLoad documentation into a currently unsupported language. Its required too, to support this translation for while which means to update it on new WHDLoad releases. Contact me for further infos.


If you want you may donate to the WHDLoad project using:
Credit Card Kagi
If you want register via Bitcoin please ask for a seperate address.

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