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Sonic Boom (Sega/Activision)

download the install packageSonicBoom.lha
created at1999-08-18
size of install package9232 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Bored Seal
Mantis BugTracker1495
Hall Of Light2008
Lemon Amiga978

Short : HD-Installer for Sonic Boom V1.1
Type : game/patch
Author : Bored Seal (cossick@email.cz), ICQ:21086453

This patch applies to "Sonic Boom" by Sega/Activision (c) 1990 - 1 disk.
Slave requires WHDLOAD V10+.
Game requires 0.5 MB Chip Mem (+ 0.9 other memory for preload option)


- Full load from HD
- 24bit adress access removed (23x)
- Highscores are saved
- NI/ROM icon (created by JHZ)
- Quit option (default key is '*' on keypad)

V1.0 (29-Jun-1999) - first public release
V1.1 (17-Aug-1999) - highscores are saved now

You can find cheat for this game in Sweet Cheater.

Thanks to Helmut Motzkau for disk image.

Bored Seal

      Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
SonicBoom.slave - 08.07.2000 02:45:08 - 504 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameSonic Boom
info copy1990 Activision
info installinstalled & fixed by Bored Seal
V1.1 (17-Aug-99)

Install Archive Content Listing
12330lh55882000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD.info
32580lh511532000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\Install
7090lh53542000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\Install.info
91160lh518012000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\SonicBoom.inf
109820lh524652000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\SonicBoom.newicon
7770lh55152000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\SonicBoom.readme
20400lh515822000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\SonicBoom.readme.info
5040lh53802000-07-08 02:45:08SonicBoomHD\SonicBoom.slave

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