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Obliterator (Psygnosis)

download the install packageObliterator.lha
created at2014-07-22
size of install package53521 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Morbidus & Wepl
Mantis BugTracker1179
Hall Of Light2276
Lemon Amiga1204

	Obliterator (Psygnosis/1988) HD Fix by Tue Brisson Morbidus

	Before you can use this you must install WHDLoad 
	from the whdload package.
	The tool must be available via the path.

	Required memory:	0.5 MB ChipMem
				0.5 MB FastMem

	To quit press:		F10
	Trainer on/off:		F8

	Finally you can play this ancient game on your hd! :]

	Save/load game fully implemented.

	The trainer will give you full energy, ammo & time (score).

	If you don't use PRELOAD, it will load slower than the original.

	This release was delayed because I fucked up with the imager &
	I only found the bug after a long time. (Too long!)

	Version 1.1 (28.08.2001) by Wepl:
	- intro fixed
	- cacr access removed
	- gfx, blitter, snoop stuff fixed
	- new icon

	Version 1.2 (22.07.2014) by Wepl:
	- keyboard handling fixed, thanks to Sal for report (issue #3031)
	- docs added
	- new system friendly imager, disk images are shorter now, possible
	  save game is no longer extracted due complicated RawDIC handling
	  with disks containing optional data
	- the first save operation will take some time because 11 files will
	  be created, please be patient, subsequent saves will be performed
	- sources included

 If you have problems with this installation please try first to get a newer
 version of this package from the WHDLoad's WWW-Page. If that doesn't help try
 that also doesn't succeeds inform the author via the Bug-Report-Form which
 can be accessed on the WHDLoad's WWW-Page.

 For full WHDLoad package, other installs and updates refer to:
 or	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?
 and	aminet:game/patch/

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Obliterator.Slave - 22.07.2014 21:32:34 - 1176 bytes
required WHDLoad version13
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory516 KiB ($81000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameObliterator
info copy1988 Psygnosis
info installinstalled and fixed by Morbidus & Wepl
Version 1.2 (22.07.2014)

Install Archive Content Listing
15841lh51047Amiga2014-07-16 21:28:02Obliterator Install.info
400851lh59991Amiga2014-07-16 21:27:48Obliterator Install/Install
12561lh5827Amiga2001-08-28 23:02:44Obliterator Install/Install.info
97501lh54176Amiga1980-01-05 08:30:08Obliterator Install/Manual
19901lh51313Amiga2013-12-22 11:37:14Obliterator Install/Manual.info
262401lh511297Amiga2003-11-26 15:28:18Obliterator Install/Map
19341lh51784Amiga2013-12-22 11:37:14Obliterator Install/Map.info
162041lh510470Amiga2001-08-28 23:01:18Obliterator Install/Obliterator.inf
2681lh5188Amiga2014-07-16 22:43:04Obliterator Install/Obliterator.ISlave
11761lh5806Amiga2014-07-22 21:32:34Obliterator Install/Obliterator.Slave
17111lh5991Amiga2014-07-22 21:35:38Obliterator Install/ReadMe
19901lh51310Amiga2000-09-11 00:37:22Obliterator Install/ReadMe.info
60611lh52347Amiga2014-07-16 23:06:08Obliterator Install/src/obliterator.asm
23191lh5927Amiga2014-07-16 22:42:54Obliterator Install/src/obliterator.islave.asm
113941lh53208Amiga2003-11-26 15:28:18Obliterator Install/Symbols
19341lh51784Amiga2013-12-22 11:37:14Obliterator Install/Symbols.info

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