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Gauntlet 2 (Atari/U.S.Gold)

download the install packageGauntlet2.lha
created at2010-10-24
size of install package17608 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Harry & Hungry Horace
Mantis BugTracker1229
Hall Of Light2704
Lemon Amiga441

Short : HD-Installer for Gauntlet 2 V1.2
Type : game/patch
Authors : Harry & Hungry Horace

That patch applies to Gauntlet 2 (c) 1986/1988 Atari/US Gold, and the
re-release by Mindscape.

This install has the imager-version 1.01 and the slave-version 1.2.

It needs at least WHDload version 15 and The Patcher 1.01.

To install from a different drive than DF0: select Expert as 
installation mode.


Version 1.2 (24.10.2010) done by Hungry Horace:
- Second button support to active Magic (Player 1/2 only)
- Tooltypes added;

- Enable "Fire-to-Start" option on all players 
  - CUSTOM1=1 - Red Player (Joystick Input 0)
  - CUSTOM1=2 - Blue Player (Joystick Input 1)
  - CUSTOM1=4 - Yellow Player (Parallel Joystick Input 0)
  - CUSTOM1=8 - Green Player (Parallel Joystick Input 1)
  - CUSTOM1=15 - All Players

- Trainers on CUSTOM2 can be combined for multiple trainers:
  - CUSTOM2=1 - Infinite Health
  - CUSTOM2=2 - Infinite Keys
  - CUSTOM2=4 - Infinite Potions

- Source-Code included

Version 1.14 (14.02.2001) done by Harry:
- Access fault removed.
- Diskroutine didnt work entirely reliable due dbf-delays 
  (now obsolete :) )

Version 1.1 (22.08.1997) done by Harry:
- Re-release adapted.
- Manual protection of the Mindscape version removed.

Version 1.0 (19.05.1997) done by Harry:
- Full load from HD
- Quit option (default key is '*' on keypad)
- Trainer: F6-F9 adds some food to player 1-4.

The install was tested with on a 2 MB A1200 and on an 18 MB 68030. 
Also tested on E-UAE for version 1.2.

Hungry Horace thanks Harry for the original slave and sharing his 
sources, Wepl for the disk images, Mai for the extra ADF supplied 
for research and many many thanks to Richard Costello for sharing 
some of the original game code!


Although I try to make my installs as reliable as possible, you 
use them wholly on your own risk.

Have fun,  Harry.

Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Gauntlet2.slave - 24.10.2010 18:58:10 - 1936 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameGauntlet 2
info copy1988 Atari
info installInstalled & fixed by Harry
Additions by Hungry Horace
Version 1.2 (24.10.2010)

Install Archive Content Listing
10680lh57402010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Gauntlet2.imager
92640lh533492010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Gauntlet2.inf
19360lh512372010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Gauntlet2.slave
9480lh54992010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2.info
29200lh510272010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Install
7100lh53582010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Install.info
20070lh510532010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Readme
20260lh515672010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\Readme.info
160460lh549092010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\src\Gauntlet2.asm
59950lh524042010-10-24 18:58:10Gauntlet2\src\Gauntlet2imager.asm

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