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0006508OilImperium[WHDLoad Installs Games] OCSpublic2024-06-12 09:57
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoOil Imperium (reLINE)
Summary0006508: Oil Imperium issue in oil pipe minigame on MiSTer FPGA
DescriptionIn Oil Imperium, on the MiSTer FPGA, the mouse controlled oil pipe laying minigame is unplayable due to the lack of native mouse support (the older MiST FPGA has DB9 connectors for joystick and amiga mouse and works fine).

The issue is detailed by the links in additional information -" this game is generally highly dependent on timing, but also uses a weird way of reading the mouse during that minigame - "It reads JOY0DAT every line (not frame, line!) and only checks if difference compared to previous read is negative or positive. (mouse movement speed -1, 0 or 1). UAE only updates mouse counters few times per frame which isn't really compatible with this weird method "

The Minimig Amiga core on the MiSTer uses a PC USB mouse that fast polls every 1ms, which is still too slow for the mini game - "At 60 frames a second, and 200 lines per frame, that means that OI is checking the mouse 12,000 times a second, or 12,800 times in PAL mode (50Hz * 256 lines), both of which are way past what current USB polling rates will handle".

Is there a way to patch the minigame as whdload menu option to make the game playable? I know its fairly niche.

Additional Informationhttps://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?t=4502


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WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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duplicate of 0005927assignedWepl Hi, Is it possible to patch the game to deal with the issues in Mister Minimig 


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sorry, wepl just found the original ticket - delete as dupe

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