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0006391TrexWarrior[All Projects] Generalpublic2024-03-26 14:12
ReporterTorti the Smurf 
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoTrex Warrior (Thalion)
Summary0006391: Trex Warrior by Thalion has weird SFX Glitches in WinUAE and FPGA
DescriptionIt has some super high pitch noise glitches in WinUAE and works "almost"
on FPGA but the SFX are also.. glitched.

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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem32 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0013563

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

That "Noises" crashed the JimPlaysGames lifestream XD


(he fixed it in post so people would not get bleeding ears when using headphones)

But yeah.. that Sound in Trex Warrior is really glitched and would need a Fix.

please (T_T)

Greez, Torti

note ~0013612

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

No love for Trex warrior ?

But the sound is broken :(
; no matter where you play it. (you have to play at least for 1 minute)

Pleeeaasssseeeeee ;)

note ~0013617

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Thanks Psygore !!!

note ~0013618

Psygore (manager)

Could you try the attached slave ?

note ~0013619

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Works great !
No more bleeding Ears.....

Very well done !
!! Thanks Psy !!

note ~0013620

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

PS: there is one thing that got broken in this fix.

The Save & Load feature doesnt work anymore, but thats it.
Ok ok, and the game is now a bit too fast for WinuAE users. ( i play on FPGA )

Still, this support kicks ass (◠‿◠)

Bless you; Psygore !

note ~0013636

Psygore (manager)

Thanks for testing.

The slave will be improved, less chip memory requirements (512k instead of 1mb, extra memory is only used to store some unpacked files) and will use files instead of disk image.

note ~0013640

retrogamer (reporter)

Keys/Docs file attatched please include for next update.

note ~0013642

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Great News !

Thank you very much Psygore !!!

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