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0006327WHDLoad Installs Gamesinstall requestpublic2023-12-08 14:22
Assigned ToProject InfoWHDLoad Installs for Games
Summary0006327: [Request] Bush Buck install
DescriptionI'd like to request an install for Bush Buck (https://oldhol.abime.net/253). I began this one years ago and never completed it. I don't have time anymore so I'm hoping someone can pick it up. It shouldn't be too difficult. There's an English and German version. The following notes are for the English version. The images in TOSEC seem to be modified (the player's name is stored on the disk, if I recall) so no need to support them. The IPFs are all that's needed.


To remove manual protection:
 - In the file MENU at offset 0xE358:

    3c00 MOVE.W D0,D6
    bc7c0040 CMP.W #$0040,D6

    change to

    3604 MOVE.W D4,D3
    6016 BT .B #$16
    4e71 NOP


For unlimited tickets (I believe this is for both players):
 - In the file MENU at offset 0x7016:

    4dec 96d4 LEA.L (A4,-$692c)
    5376 3800 SUBQ.W #$01,(A6,D3.L,$00)
    362c 95de MOVE.W (A4,-$6a22)

    NOP the second line to become:

    4dec 96d4 LEA.L (A4,-$692c)
    4e71 NOP
    4e71 NOP
    362c 95de MOVE.W (A4,-$6a22)

 - In the file MENU at offset 0x7104:

    342d ffac MOVE.W (A5,-$0054)
    9576 3800 SUB.W D2,(A6,D3.L,$00)
    362c 95de MOVE.W (A4,-$6a22)

    NOP the second line to become:

    342d ffac MOVE.W (A5,-$0054)
    4e71 NOP
    4e71 NOP
    362c 95de MOVE.W (A4,-$6a22)


There also seems to be DBF loops in the file MENU at offsets 0x17546 and 0x176A2


The last thing that would need to be figured out is when your game ends, the game tries to write to the file "ITEMUSE.DAT" on the disk. If your disk is read only, the game freezes. If you write enable the disk, it will unfreeze, meaning it must be in some loop where it's waiting for the disk to be write enabled. Removing this check so it writes when possible, or skips it if read only, would be the ideal solution but I never located the check.


Hope someone is able to come up with an install for it before I do 20 years from now :P
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