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0006261WHDLoad[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-10-16 20:35
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoHD-Installer for OS-Killer
Product Version18.9 
Target Version19.0Fixed in Version19.0beta 
Summary0006261: DOS-Error #63
DescriptionI recently updated to the latest WHDload executable WHDLoad 18.9 [build 6601] (01.05.2023) and now I keep getting this error (Error 63) when the game is attempting to write scores with combination NoWriteCache WHDload option.

Happens already with the following games but I believe there are a lot more:
Silkworm (WHDload slave v1.5)
Ghosts N Goblins (WHDload slave v1.4)
Steps To ReproducePlay the game Ghosts N Goblins with the following WHDload options to disable any cheats and allow score saving:

Kill one enemy and die to allow score entry (any score should do), click on some letters and then select Ed. You should immediately get see the error 63.

Additional InformationTested with WHDLoad 18.6 [build 6128] (22.09.2020) and the problem doesnt happen.

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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
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Wepl (manager)

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Can you please options FILELOG and TRACE and attach here the created files .whdl_log and .whdl_trace after the error happens?

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ztronzo (reporter)

You can see the same error with "Power Drive" just when attempting to start the game after forced by the game to enter the player name

The log files attached are from Power Drive.

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Wepl (manager)

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Thanks for the report!
Some checks were changed not correctly in 18.9.
I have a build a new WHDLoad beta 19.0 https://whdload.de/whdload/whd190.lha
This release shoud fix the issue. Please try.

Nevertheless, the highscore save/load seems to be broken otherwise in Ghosts N Goblins. I does now save the scores. But it seems to doesn't load them correctly. I think that has no connection to WHDLoad.


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