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0005801BrianTheLion[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2022-09-19 07:45
Assigned ToProject InfoBrian the Lion (Psygnosis)
Summary0005801: Brian the Lion (AGA) crash
DescriptionCompleting the level "Spooky Ruins" with remaining time to reach Bonus Stage
Will result in a crash:
Exception "Line 1111 Emulator" ($2C) at $C41A6 occured.

This issue does not happen with the OCS version.
Steps To ReproduceStart Brian the Lion - AGA version
enter code: 93/a/MZXY3
go to far right "Spooky Ruins" (last blue point on the right)

Speed run to complete the level with remaining time to reach "Bonus Stage"
(You can also use infinite energy trainer to do this)

Upon loading the Bonus stage you will get kicked out of the game with error:
Exception "Line 1111 Emulator" ($2C) at $C41A6 occured.

This possibly happens in other locations too..
Additional InformationTested both WHDload slave 1.4 and 2.0
Tested A4000 68040 and A1200 68020
Tested 4MB and 8MB Fastmem
Tested A1200 kickstarts, 3.9 and kick40068 and kick39106

Setting a breakpoint on $C41A6 will show the illegal instruction.
 001546B8 49f9 0018 a8d2 LEA.L $0018a8d2,A4
 001546BE 4eb9 000c 41a4 JSR $000c41a4
 000C41A4 3c0e MOVE.W A6,D6
 000C41A6 fb01 ILLEGAL

When adding 4 MB of Chip RAM (you can do this only with emulation) the game works fine and the break point doesn't show any illegal instructions.
 001546B8 49f9 0018 a8d2 LEA.L $0018a8d2,A4
 001546BE 4eb9 000c 41a4 JSR $000c41a4
 000C41A4 4df9 00df f000 LEA.L $00dff000,A6
 000C41AA 41fa 096e LEA.L (PC,$096e) == $000c4b1a,A0

to elaborate, although the readme requirements say
2.0 MB ChipMem and 3.5 MB OtherMem for AGA version.

Works with: 4MB Chip RAM and 0 MB Fast RAM
Crashes happens with: 2MB Chip RAM and 4MB Fast RAM

Conclusion: I believe the game cannot afford losing any of the 2MB Chip RAM.
Having multiple Floppy Drives or Hard Drives can cause this problem as they use up a few kb of Chip RAM during mount.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem4 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
KickSoft40 - Kick 3.1
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