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0005755Zool[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2022-12-30 01:01
Assigned ToProject InfoZool (Gremlin)
Summary0005755: Graphic bug and to fast menu
DescriptionZool AGA and CD32 version have a graphic bug on the top line of the screen (white squares that sometimes flicker).
It would also be nice to add a buttonwait. The entire menu (logos, subtitles, etc.) is scrolled super fast.
I am also sending a link to the picture with the exact location of the error in the graphic.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0012054

Hexaae (reporter)

Uploaded a screenshot showing this issue still present (slave 2.0).

There is also a vertical line on the left of the screen (see EAB thread: https://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=98816 )

note ~0012114

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Did you guys try out the ROSS versions?
(i know those are not "official" but i personally prefer them;
find them smoother :)

;And they might solve your problem
(i dont know for sure; never had this problem)

; but it at least worth a try. (T_T)

You find them here....


Just type
zool ross
and you will find 3 versions! (one OCS & 2 AGA)

Hope that helped you.

Torti ;)

note ~0012117

Hexaae (reporter)

Thank you Torti but the bugs are reproducible even with the Ross version unfortunately...

ANOTHER BUG (both with ross and latest public WHDLoad slave):
There is also a random audio bug: select MUSIC in game, and the intro anim with Zool flying-kicking from right to left will have no sound randomly (quit the game and repeat multiple times)...

note ~0012119

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Well, it was at least worth a try; sorry it didn´t work for you (-_-)

I never had any problems with Zool (OCS or AGA) but i only play on real Hardware or FPGA.

Sorry again; i know that doesn´t help you; sadly (._.)

Yours truly,
Torti (T_T)

note ~0012138

lordelessar (reporter)

It seems to me that the fault lies with the winuae emulator and not the game itself. During the game including for example Sub pixel display emulation makes the graphical glitch go away until the next launch of the game.
Also the A500 version does not have this error and this is the WHDLoad version.
Someone would have to report it to Toni, because he doesn't want to answer my e-mails anymore (I've already sent him too many reports :) )

note ~0012147

Hexaae (reporter)

Very strange but it seems so. If I use auto-integer resize resolution and enable and disable subpixel it goes away, 'till you quit (P and then Q) and restart a new game... This game does weird things

note ~0012231

Hexaae (reporter)

FYI, with WinUAE, these tooltypes workaround corrupt gfx on top and right borders:

ExecutePostDisk=UAE-configuration cachesize 0 cpu_speed real chipset_subpixel false gfx_filter_autoscale standard gfx_filter_vert_zoomf 88 gfx_filter_horiz_zoomf 88 gfx_filter_vert_offsetf -200 gfx_filter_top_border 90 gfx_filter_left_border 290 gfx_filter_right_border 1560 gfx_filter_bottom_border 600

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