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0006120Wizkid[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2023-04-14 22:032023-05-16 20:56
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WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0006120: Wizardoids mini-game does not load
DescriptionIf you get all the 9 cats you race to the castle and after that you have to beat his score on that arcade game. It does not load the "Wizardoids" game. It just stays blank. I think you had to swap disks here, it would have flashed green.
You can get to this part of the game straight away by using door code cheats on the first level to test.
Steps To ReproduceWizardoids mini-game

Room 206

Mens, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies

Purchase the token from the shop and exit as the body. Climb down the well and enter the men's bathroom.

Use the token on the bubble gum machine and to fly up to a secret room with another men's bathroom door and an exit.

Enter the bathroom door to appear in a room with a women's and men's bathroom door. Move over to the far right and enter an invisible door at that location.

Finally, enter the men's room door and use the following door patters to advance to the corresponding game level or activate the corresponding cheat function.

Note: If the wrong door is chosen, or to return to the first screen, enter the invisible door to the far right.
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2023-05-16 20:56   
Patch has been updated, the Wizardoids mini game works now (problem was caused by level 1 interrupt) and some other improvements have been done as well.

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