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0005635Drip[WHDLoad Installs Games] OCSpublic2022-05-04 20:562022-05-12 23:12
ReporterDJ Mike 
Assigned ToDJ Mike 
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ChipMem512 KB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0005635: Drip: Game runs too fast under WinUAE
DescriptionDrip runs lightning fast under WinUAE.

Issue is that the game relies on its DrawGList call taking ~2 frames on a real A500, meaning the game runs much quicker than this if the call takes less time (which it does on WinUAE, especially if not running Cycle Exact mode).

Technically even on A1200 the game is running too quick, but it runs at a steady 50fps instead.
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Attached Files? Drip.Slave (4,616) 2022-05-04 20:58
zip Manual.zip (2,704) 2022-05-04 21:12
? Drip-2.Slave (4,672) 2022-05-12 21:41

DJ Mike   
2022-05-04 20:58   
Added some speed regulation to hopefully make game run at 25fps on all setups. Needs testing. I will add a mode to allow 50fps/uncapped soon.
2022-05-04 21:13   
I hade attatched the game manual for the game Drip please can you include it for the next update and add quitkey support för 68000 cpu as well?
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2022-05-09 17:43   
With Your latest slave (2022-05-04 20:58) :
It seems to works correctly on my A500ACA500Plus @14 Mhz with 7 MB RAM
It seems to works correctly on my A1200 GVP A1230 Turbo+II @ 40 Mhz with 32 MB RAM.
Best regards,
DJ Mike   
2022-05-10 21:13   
Oh great - thanks very much for checking it out. :-)

I recompiled with the latest KickEmu, so 68000 quit key should just work now (I checked with NOVBRMOVE and it seems to work as expected).
2022-05-10 21:45   
@DJ Mike

Please can you add the game manual to the install pack?
DJ Mike   
2022-05-12 21:41   
"1.1 Beta 2" slave attached. This adds options to the splash screen - speed regulation can be set to 25fps (default), 50fps or disabled.

If all is well with this build, I will package up the install for release - and include the Manual that Retrogamer provided.
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2022-05-12 22:25   
Many thanks for Your Latest Beta Slave.

Here my observation :

On my A500 ACA500Plus @14 Mhz with 7 MB : it's better to activate 50 Fps or disable it. Because with 25 Fps it seems realy too slow.

On my A1200 GVP Turbo+II @ 40 Mhz with 32 MB : it's really better to activate 25 Fps. Because with 50 Fps & disable too... it seems really to quick to play it correctly.

Question : is 50 Fps is the same speed as disable option ? because personnaly I don't see really the difference between them.

But all works on my differents systems without any bugs.

Best regards,

DJ Mike   
2022-05-12 22:47   
@Pascal - is there a difference with the previous slave when running on A500? On that one I simply had the cap at 25fps, so I'm curious if there's been a change in speed now.

50fps means wait 1 vblank, whereas Disable simply turns off the speed regulation entirely. I expect you won't see a difference on real hardware - it mostly seems to affect WinUAE when running without Cycle Exact timing, as that causes CPU to run as though it isn't sharing cycles with Blitter.
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2022-05-12 23:12   

For Myself, on my A500 I have the impression that with the Beta 2 slave with the 25 FPS option the game seems a little slower than with the 1.1 slave of the other day... But Maybe it's just an impression.... as if my character's movement was slightly too slow.... not the enemy's movement...

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