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0005548Stardust[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2022-03-29 12:222022-12-26 23:26
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0005548: illegal instruction $10 at $c38
DescriptionAfter going through the first six levels, I get to the warp sequence. When I lose my last ship there and im quit game F10 to Amiga OS3.9 gets Exception illegal instruction $ 10 at $ c38.
Only restarting the password in the game menu (clear password) and starting a new game helps. Then you can exit the game without any error.

I am sending the file with the code to be placed in the data folder. It allows you to start the game from the above-mentioned warp sequence level.
Steps To ReproduceAdvance the first 6 levels and try exiting the game to the system in warp sequence.
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Attached Files? Password (12) 2022-03-29 12:22

2022-03-30 12:42   
One more thing. Pressing the spacebar or the second button on the controller will open the weapon selection menu. If we turn them on at least once, a graphic error will be displayed at the start of the level (large orange rectangle).
Neither of these problems exist in version 1.4 of the installer.
2022-12-26 20:08   
The crash is a bug in the game code: the game installs a level 2 interrupt when entering the tunnel sequence, once the tunnel sequence ends, the interrupt vector will not be cleared/reset, but the code it points to will be trashed. Once the quitkey is pressed, the level 2 interrupt is triggered and the illegal instruction error occurs.
2022-12-26 20:46   
Graphics glitch was caused by incorrectly setting copperlist 1 instead of copperlist 2 when applying Bplcon0 color bit fixes.

Well spotted! Both problems (crash and graphics glitch) have been fixed, updated patch will be available shortly. Thanks for very good bug report!
2022-12-26 21:06   
Updated patch is now available.
2022-12-26 21:31   
@StingRay Your new installer available at whdload.de still contain old v1.5 slave
2022-12-26 21:39   
Indeed, I have updated the archive with the correct V1.6 slave now. Thanks for reporting.
2022-12-26 21:53   
"DOS-Error #218 error (device (or volume) is not mounted)" error requester pops up.

DATA=data tool type "fixes" it.
2022-12-26 22:25   
Well, all all good things come in threes, updated version with corrected data directory path is now available. Thanks again for reporting.
2022-12-26 23:26   
S'all good, man.

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