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0005425Pirates[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2021-11-26 02:332022-01-15 23:00
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0005425: Pirates Gold CD32 crashes with a task error on unpause during ship travel and ship combat
DescriptionI'm playing pirates gold whdload on paue in retroarch and noticed it crashes on unpause. I'm assuming that CD32 in the name runs the game as CD32 8mb (2mb only crashes without expanded memory), but when i tried a 1200 8mb fast memory and A4000/030 it crashed the same way.

There is a weirdness here that Retroarch needs input 'input type' option set to 'cd32 pad' for a good experience and that the game will pause on 'start' (mapped by that setting to enter without a actual controller) but it still pauses on 'space' on the keyboard. Space on the keyboard shows a dialog of 'press pause to unpause' and it's that that crashes (you can also trigger it with the normal retropad config because apparently 'S' is mapped to space for some weird reason in this core).

Error: 0100 000F Task: 00901F58
Steps To ReproduceStart the game.
Win the fight.
Exit the town.
press pause (space works, it will show a dialog)
press space again
Additional InformationI have no idea of the kickroms or cpus or cpus of the cd32. I only know what the options say: 'cd32 2 mb memory 8 mb fast memory'.

NOCACHE NOVBRMOVE and NOAUTOVEC options doesn't do anything (except make the game much slower).
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I get so confused with mantis that i wasn't able to place this on the right game category.

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