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KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
Summary0005406: Hi Stingray, I am looking for the 1.1e (English) version of Winzer. I download
DescriptionGameVersion: Rerelease
SlaveVersion: 1.1

Hi Stingray, I am looking for the 1.1e (English) version of Winzer. I download the files Winzer.lha but it seems to be only German. I cannot pass the name input on the first screen. I enter my name but the game does not accept it. Maybe keyboard layout? Anyway, this game looks like fun and I would like to play it. My email is netman63129@yahoo.com if you can help :-)
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2022-03-13 22:31   
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Unfortunately, I can't help you with the download of the English version, I have no idea where I got it from and I don't have a disk image of this version anymore. You may try asking on EAB (English Amiga Board), maybe someone there can provide you with the English version.

As for entering the name, the game is system-friendly so there shouldn't be any problems, my guess is that you pressed "Enter" instead of "Return", I can't check right now but it's possible that the game only accepts the "Return" key for entering the name.

As there's nothing to do for me here, I'll close this. :)

2022-03-13 23:06   
I had a look regarding entering the name, V1.0 requires you to type either HERR or or Frau in the first name field, otherwise it will reject the name entry!
2022-03-13 23:36   
Hi Stingray, I did locate the English version but the problem still exists. I tried every key on the English keyboard and nothing works.
FYI -The Return key and the Enter key is the same on the English keyboard.
2022-03-13 23:41   
Also, I tired HERR and FRAU and this still does not work.
2022-03-13 23:57   
For the English version you have to type SIR. (with the dot.) or MISS in the first name field. If you don't do this, the name entry will be rejected.
2022-03-14 01:45   
That worked! Thank you. Maybe a note about that in the Readme? The field says "You" so I have been trying to type in my name lol, sorry. FYI I did notice that the game only runs on my 2.1 setup and not my AGA configuration.

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