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0005300BattleSquadron[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-07-13 14:572021-07-28 07:32
Assigned ToPsygore 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
CPU68060 + PPC
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem656 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.2
KickROM46 - Kick 3.1.4
KickSoft47 - Kick 3.2
Summary0005300: I was recently reinstalling BattleSquadron with the latest install and when
DescriptionGameVersion: english, ntsc(I think) ,1 disk
SlaveVersion: V1.7 by Psygore (23.02.2019)

I was recently reinstalling BattleSquadron with the latest install and
when launching the game, I got an error message "Sorry, depacked data
are corrupted!." So I went back to RawDIC and manually tried to do
it from the command line but after several attempts, I see that I'm
getting random CRC differences for some tracks -- attaching 1 case here and can send more in an email.
I can also send an wwarp image of BattleSquadron-- just let me know.
From "wepl":
"The Readme tells there are checksums in the imager, so this should not
happen. Maybe there is bug in the imager. Psygore may check."
Thanks, Brian
Disk=1 Track=1 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7BB5 Data=600206F0040CC9F60C0040C1C0C05323
Disk=1 Track=2 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=BF86 Data=2FFBFCF424157C017DFF3C8A42217783
Disk=1 Track=3 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=72E7 Data=696475B0A6301E00A03A3D34B881BF78
Disk=1 Track=4 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6822 Data=0F9D1E06E11F05B5813F5EEF8749C808
Disk=1 Track=5 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=BF4D Data=A07F88DBFA0517A966C81D090206E7F0
Disk=1 Track=6 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6FC7 Data=0010316C00060020302C000A53403140
Disk=1 Track=7 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C367 Data=813601208005820C8400180680008205
Disk=1 Track=8 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C5F5 Data=F8EDFD12E8F8EB20F6ECF7FFFEFDF8F4
Disk=1 Track=9 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DE59 Data=F2DAEDE7F3EAF1ECF5EBF6F903FD030C
Disk=1 Track=10 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DAFC Data=110D17180F0C1C23270EFFFE0C161E1A
Disk=1 Track=11 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=60F3 Data=2A241A1606F6F3040501F7031F393633
Disk=1 Track=12 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=3D01 Data=3F1F4E751AC0194017D0168015301400
Disk=1 Track=13 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=374F Data=E7FFDE00FFDF0EFFE304FBEC001105FF
Disk=1 Track=14 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=722B Data=0F0E0E0D0C0C0B0B0909080706060603
Disk=1 Track=15 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D65A Data=020103FC06FC02010001FF00000100FC
Disk=1 Track=16 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=130B Data=28022802280428022802800814041C02
Disk=1 Track=17 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=ACBF Data=2003F5F2F3EBED03F5F900FFF0F200F4
Disk=1 Track=18 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DE96 Data=040F0515110F110906160C1607180D01
Disk=1 Track=19 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=2BF3 Data=0283E006C068314030603F87E8B00507
Disk=1 Track=20 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6DE8 Data=450008808182802064000D8100C21490
Disk=1 Track=21 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=96DE Data=3E7E3821E007C40F117E00F803C48C30
Disk=1 Track=22 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0FFA Data=3FDC3F213EEDBD98FB01BE03F61FEC1F
Disk=1 Track=23 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=BC0F Data=27F3841C236DB2164382482828302117
Disk=1 Track=24 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=83CD Data=003FDEF48C9C10805030404811C203C9
Disk=1 Track=25 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7FEB Data=63FC91FB45F6751636DADAEE61DB82DC
Disk=1 Track=26 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B687 Data=FFEBFA25A582FBFEF5FEFD2794E3FE82
Disk=1 Track=27 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=CA74 Data=8F0887107B207B406B0063005743A055
Disk=1 Track=28 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=49BB Data=80C86D0940C9444C921939643684A067
Disk=1 Track=29 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DC36 Data=7D09F4006C402019D7704403C44BD8E9
Disk=1 Track=30 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=A115 Data=4002604605DE2C0060B880C120816688
Disk=1 Track=31 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D3AD Data=030361CA07D9C40CA4081FE80147FC10
Disk=1 Track=32 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7A52 Data=607DB003CFCC079D1E5F64007B81A300
Disk=1 Track=33 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0F3E Data=E361E1424F1438D83B538082102071C0
Disk=1 Track=34 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1C40 Data=E2080AF83C1F0711040A0F87808539C0
Disk=1 Track=35 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1243 Data=DC42E3E1B81F7DD0407401D82581BE03
Disk=1 Track=36 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B156 Data=605336022020002FE63C61031B647A46
Disk=1 Track=37 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5EA0 Data=0148C7190E19F81D1F42019F0EF806BE
Disk=1 Track=38 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=CA19 Data=7C022082F80C00E6790E00601C0E0FB6
Disk=1 Track=39 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EC6F Data=D7FF23827A09FC8A0517F83F80FBF555
Disk=1 Track=40 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=AA31 Data=BE09E040B71D1F08980206F081E03A04
Disk=1 Track=41 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D3C2 Data=80204C08B00307FF08416C0C510E657F
Disk=1 Track=42 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B438 Data=C6795D111F44E6798024A80F26920E34
Disk=1 Track=43 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=4AF9 Data=F9E7E70FCAFF2CD07FF7E78FD671CA81
Disk=1 Track=44 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C6D4 Data=0C3BC0E00B8343C38CFFC0C009138A5E
Disk=1 Track=45 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1B45 Data=18C40435A201006C4042C4402DF803E2
Disk=1 Track=46 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=39EA Data=7E8041AF8FFFFC0F21A441395C30F020
Disk=1 Track=47 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C8DE Data=6106043D100103C00124403D93800408
Disk=1 Track=48 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EA64 Data=FE4BC08B403F80FEEE05D08B01FF8EE9
Disk=1 Track=49 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=9148 Data=1182F03DC0EFC02FFF81C7BB80FA753F
Disk=1 Track=50 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=70D0 Data=9C140C82460E4604C35C3030602067D5
Disk=1 Track=51 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B5FF Data=E0E9977C0F7C2F7C7FD9E378FD78BC70
Disk=1 Track=52 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=3125 Data=2BF169C7F91FF10FF9FE39FB59F7BDF9
Disk=1 Track=53 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B266 Data=3C8FC3260E6A2800021FD88014589668
Disk=1 Track=54 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5D5D Data=0EB60B520E09014240BF90418972E074
Disk=1 Track=55 Sync=0 Length=13EC CRC16=0656 Data=F042581E1FFFDFFFE7FFE003F0007FE2
Disk=1 Track=56 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0538 Data=207EFCFFF9FFF3E5FFDC00AA06FEB1EE
Disk=1 Track=57 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F313 Data=00608FEC2041000180E0C40880A02100
Disk=1 Track=58 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6E84 Data=07D6032F18006C062831007A01A30003
Disk=1 Track=59 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=79D3 Data=77E135DF9418FF0C7FE579FDBD3F9D4A
Disk=1 Track=60 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=68D4 Data=0F099400703007887C407920C1C10038
Disk=1 Track=61 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5C4C Data=630063B25BA0919500C2405402842444
Disk=1 Track=62 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B8ED Data=E7FEEF80E05020C0C48131025A000444
Disk=1 Track=63 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5C14 Data=1033F39C03984C7F81680B999C063F38
Disk=1 Track=64 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=8A05 Data=FD9FE62180503760185936D34C06D81B
Disk=1 Track=65 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B395 Data=012103DE0FF50300A3EFB0E194FC0181
Disk=1 Track=66 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=8195 Data=7F99C28F448AC05B80E61707DCF83608
Disk=1 Track=67 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7778 Data=8063C601D830B10819B7F80434380FE6
Disk=1 Track=68 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=9CFA Data=FF99F8871C13999FED1FA2F000858681
Disk=1 Track=69 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6083 Data=80280C071C005A03C40FCC002D01E207
Disk=1 Track=70 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=FEE8 Data=90EF7C81A0053403185F063F88701E20
Disk=1 Track=71 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=FEE8 Data=90EF7C81A0053403185F063F88701E20
Disk=1 Track=72 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=2C13 Data=A10026080020D140A280151418C0844A
Disk=1 Track=73 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=70B9 Data=80072682020C30BC18E4343D7A107A01
Disk=1 Track=74 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F704 Data=81BC010396A723819AC09460DE0181FD
Disk=1 Track=75 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5203 Data=8028090692140CD2081EC22C31E09063
Disk=1 Track=76 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=4F3D Data=4A2428E7C3C0C40025001803BC0B46A4
Disk=1 Track=77 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B46B Data=FB021E0181B001E0081993E13DE5F91E
Disk=1 Track=78 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=ADB6 Data=9E048328292029A1C1BC170D24198010
Disk=1 Track=79 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7BDD Data=5036A220650040F2B181DA030336C207
Disk=1 Track=80 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=81D8 Data=00810430801F20301C63614683051001
Disk=1 Track=81 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F6AD Data=3C0383FD0380BEF841E07800F052003C
Disk=1 Track=82 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=ED03 Data=C041A4081CE8D4C5033F00FE4605C60A
Disk=1 Track=83 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EAF5 Data=26804016B41838016AC59C9444181A44
Disk=1 Track=84 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=4821 Data=C1740180AC3C100F180607044AC01D87
Disk=1 Track=85 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F044 Data=73F1F6133679300E4100DC2001121913
Disk=1 Track=86 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1C12 Data=08280401C9C10F0D20E018B80018A39C
Disk=1 Track=87 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=9117 Data=66808404C801E124C14988058F83F9FD
Disk=1 Track=88 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=FF1D Data=B605D95F0100E0002C881BE250310040
Disk=1 Track=89 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C7BE Data=7BE2B83C39EC38E4D123EB77FF33EC3F
Disk=1 Track=90 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=65CA Data=046841E0D0029B2809010400C04C1204
Disk=1 Track=91 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DC35 Data=40C0AEFFF090B9820601030E14B3078E
Disk=1 Track=92 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=8F6B Data=4503803F85815AA241840503FB090780
Disk=1 Track=93 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C8EC Data=045E001C47FEDC67E588001C12C00F80
Disk=1 Track=94 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6714 Data=28C0FB0D84203811F8182108507807DC
Disk=1 Track=95 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=76DE Data=C99C0F10980A107FE60828F3C8285301
Disk=1 Track=96 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7591 Data=4380F1837C058818382842081DA01036
Disk=1 Track=97 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=71CC Data=6670F235C049C2CAF264F06401EEC13A
Disk=1 Track=98 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0527 Data=208047C3120DA1046331E8E26616C0E0
Disk=1 Track=99 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=339D Data=9E0EC130C0D9BCF3E0D010FFACD380FF
Disk=1 Track=100 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=8CA3 Data=C4BEF0BE400C8FFFA137C80CBC8F0B47
Disk=1 Track=101 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=79C6 Data=181F9503790E81845032C8A06B01A0CA
Disk=1 Track=102 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=548B Data=39001C800C409E013E021B2407F805F8
Disk=1 Track=103 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0F3C Data=7C0C17001028F0205D602095F97FFBF1
Disk=1 Track=104 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=76FC Data=49186606798E3A25C20071001C180207
Disk=1 Track=105 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=43F8 Data=03F09E00C00C0E041C2001E49001FEE0
Disk=1 Track=106 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C561 Data=21F110199815941DAA1DF3895108DD0E
Disk=1 Track=107 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1E24 Data=1661000184164C06500416899DA722E0
Disk=1 Track=108 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=E6EB Data=6C6FDC110EA23FCFFFE832B3FFC4DFD1
Disk=1 Track=109 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EDB0 Data=80F406250884120046002878881F303E
Disk=1 Track=110 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=7E3B Data=72001A004C0026001140ED0010D03008
Disk=1 Track=111 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=51EE Data=0E9341543EA30000C05E5001122C6800
Disk=1 Track=112 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F897 Data=3D4D0606888F7FEA04020ED0D14F0068
Disk=1 Track=113 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B6FD Data=040A4C495902031A80348080948C0494
Disk=1 Track=114 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=AE9E Data=11060E160C263E0F98623C13DFE1BC0D
Disk=1 Track=115 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6362 Data=580020040C200400C0C400403000E809
Disk=1 Track=116 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DDEB Data=8174303907247863063607D2BE23E1E1
Disk=1 Track=117 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=B9B6 Data=18640836007D85032D6978DDD8006713
Disk=1 Track=118 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6A14 Data=2085008FC6BA3801FEAA3E49677F83E3
Disk=1 Track=119 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D5DC Data=0C7C6FE20020081FE4701A7B9DBE7EEA
Disk=1 Track=120 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D4A2 Data=91C33F1E3E016DFE81E52E2C0CFC1180
Disk=1 Track=121 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=9CEC Data=E20142EA4180A6A0EA3020FFFBE84FBC
Disk=1 Track=122 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=3635 Data=37FFDD3486082818A004301FCF340601
Disk=1 Track=123 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5567 Data=08683730A0624022417681EE804E812E
Disk=1 Track=124 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=01B0 Data=1B4853482B487F4817484F4838C9072A
Disk=1 Track=125 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=A5F6 Data=D70183069037C241E7003E001C081408
Disk=1 Track=126 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EAF0 Data=27FFDE5F90D37FF67BD0FFDBFBDFF344
Disk=1 Track=127 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=9E4F Data=BF6FDBFEFFEDAFEADEA078AB7C6FFEFE
Disk=1 Track=128 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=EF28 Data=838307833EE0FC00B801306010E7878F
Disk=1 Track=129 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F119 Data=5F074E802FC05B40D7E7DFCFAFDA9038
Disk=1 Track=130 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=C6FE Data=3FFEFFFF7DEB8851F03C210020681327
Disk=1 Track=131 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1289 Data=C4A02102E1280FEA0C1005405829D419
Disk=1 Track=132 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F798 Data=0E78E0130054033F8C3C0DF60388C1C7
Disk=1 Track=133 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=D05E Data=8000D0C93E00496781FC08316C28199D
Disk=1 Track=134 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5E8F Data=02B4057DB5700207779F63D85FA0909B
Disk=1 Track=135 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=72E1 Data=9FC050303FD5C3940514FE0A77E10880
Disk=1 Track=136 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=02E5 Data=0F9FD8FF1577FBF3FA1C28321DFFEECF
Disk=1 Track=137 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=DB1F Data=EFC881DC52E4D37C03503814783B0121
Disk=1 Track=138 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=0A3C Data=0F00050FFF8E16150A0506020588E06C
Disk=1 Track=139 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=6E86 Data=FFA073FDF73679E73CF7203BC0270DC7
Disk=1 Track=140 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=86D9 Data=380684906283C07F01480C1591C1E000
Disk=1 Track=141 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=1DE9 Data=D23C5CC3C964C2C1E063FF601E300140
Disk=1 Track=142 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=F10D Data=3E31144F0EB4140FFDAB8A2FCC61823A
Disk=1 Track=143 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=FB91 Data=306188056C80090DCAA52818044C15E3
Disk=1 Track=144 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5A01 Data=0D601818108700A5341A7E503CF0E072
Disk=1 Track=145 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=5707 Data=4985471300A07645FCA4B28180A10241
Disk=1 Track=146 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=29E2 Data=F00CEA2C121B485031D9F00F14582437
Disk=1 Track=147 Sync=0 Length=17E8 CRC16=29E2 Data=F00CEA2C121B485031D9F00F14582437
Disk=1 Track=158 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=61D8 Data=6100004E4EF900000400000000000000
Disk=1 Track=157 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=EB8C Data=00F0022200F0022200F0022200F00222
Disk=1 Track=156 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=D763 Data=017E0C415D20660A247C00002E806000
Disk=1 Track=155 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=D498 Data=FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Disk=1 Track=154 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=4C27 Data=0D44532C002B66000D3C522C00196000
Disk=1 Track=153 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=EF53 Data=0202030304040505060607070809090A
Disk=1 Track=152 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=467F Data=000B003F600000BE122D905902010006
Disk=1 Track=151 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=8D6E Data=11E50012202020202020202020202020
Disk=1 Track=150 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=C2CC Data=0140007FE98FFFFE0140009701A20FFD
Disk=1 Track=149 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=17F3 Data=E8C0073A0418FFF00D000000E978073A
Disk=1 Track=148 Sync=0 Length=1800 CRC16=2808 Data=00044CDF03034E754DF900DFF00042B9
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Attached Filesjpg DebugCompare.jpg (59,073) 2021-07-18 00:21

? BS_Islave11.lha (566) 2021-07-25 21:36
txt bs11a.txt (13,322) 2021-07-26 05:21
txt bs11b.txt (13,322) 2021-07-26 05:22
txt bs11c.txt (13,322) 2021-07-26 05:22
txt bs11_wwarp.txt (13,279) 2021-07-26 05:22

2021-07-16 17:00   
The rawdic imager has a checksum error for all tracks.

Pls send your wwarp image of your game for checking.
2021-07-16 18:56   
Hi Psygore...the wwarp image is >2MB and so not able to to upload to the mantis bug tracker. Is there an email or other way I can send.
2021-07-16 19:07   
You can send it to psygore@whdload.de
2021-07-17 18:21   
Thx for the wwarp image.

It’s the ntsc version and I installed without any problem using RawDIC and your wwarp file.

I launch the slave and I can played the first level.

Do you installed with your original disk or with your wwarp ?
2021-07-17 19:48   
Thanks--I installed with my original disk. How do I install with wwarp? That is, what are the rawdic options to load the wwarp image?

If you use rawdic multiple times with the "DEBUG" option with the wwarp image does the CRC match each times?
2021-07-17 20:24   
I think I found out -- I didn't have trackwarp.library. Trying now.
2021-07-18 00:21   
I've done a different experiment now:

1) I made 3 wwarp images from my single disk. Basically, I ran it 3 times.
2) Then I used rawdic BattleSquadron.islave debug > <textfile name> for each wwarp image.

When I compare the debug output for the 3 rawdic images, I don't see consistent results which is concerning that somewhere in the game, it could crash for corrupted data.
2021-07-19 15:35   
Pysgore, I sent a private email to you on the 3 wwarp images.
2021-07-21 11:39   
Thanks for your disks image.

I will rewrite the imager slave, it will be more robust.

Just to find some free time.
2021-07-25 21:37   
Could you try the attached islave 1.1 ?

It should work ok now.
2021-07-26 05:25   
Hi Pysgore! Nice -- that was fast! I did a rawdic 3x on the original floppy and attaching the DEBUG log output (bs11a.txt, bs11b.txt, bs11c.txt). Each time getting same results and so looks good.

When I use the wwarp image that I created earlier, rawdic reports a sync failure on a particular track (see attached bs11_wwarp.txt). Does this mean that wwarp needs updating as well?
2021-07-26 10:04   
If rawdic reports error with your wwarp file on some tracks, that means your disk is weak and wwarp reads some bad mfm data bits.

Wwarp doesn’t check is track data is ok (only if it found a know format) but looks into his large track buffer if the mfm data track has been read twice. In this case the track length is knew and the data is almost 100% correct.
A such track is saved as single track (SI) and takes about $3100-$3400 bytes.
Weak disks generate track errors and the mfm bit buffer can contain some random data.

Use: wwarp BattleSquadron.wwp i
to see track info
And for weak disk:
wwarp BattleSquadron.wwp C bpt $7f00 rc 50
to try to get a good dump (it will use a more large buffer and read the track max. 50 times)
2021-07-28 07:32   
Thanks --- took a long time for that image but looks like image is okay now. Does a "weak disk" mean the disk is physically degrading?

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2021-07-16 19:07PsygoreNote Added: 0010538
2021-07-17 18:21PsygoreNote Added: 0010549
2021-07-17 19:48my_pc_is_amigaNote Added: 0010550
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2021-07-18 00:21my_pc_is_amigaFile Added: DebugCompare.jpg
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2021-07-19 15:35my_pc_is_amigaNote Added: 0010571
2021-07-21 11:39PsygoreNote Added: 0010579
2021-07-25 21:36PsygoreFile Added: BS_Islave11.lha
2021-07-25 21:37PsygoreNote Added: 0010600
2021-07-26 05:21my_pc_is_amigaFile Added: bs11a.txt
2021-07-26 05:22my_pc_is_amigaFile Added: bs11b.txt
2021-07-26 05:22my_pc_is_amigaFile Added: bs11c.txt
2021-07-26 05:22my_pc_is_amigaFile Added: bs11_wwarp.txt
2021-07-26 05:25my_pc_is_amigaNote Added: 0010604
2021-07-26 10:04PsygoreNote Added: 0010612
2021-07-28 07:32my_pc_is_amigaNote Added: 0010632