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0003372SecondSamurai[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2016-01-22 21:142022-04-01 21:10
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0003372: Controls unusable
DescriptionControls do not work. Joystick scrolls almost uncontrollably through options of main menu. No matter where I press fire, it shows an Options screen I can't get out of.
Someone suggested disconnecting the mouse. I can report same issues even with mouse disconnected.
Steps To ReproduceStart game, try to do anything past the Title screen.
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2016-01-23 10:32   
I think the game needs a joystick in port 1. I'll check and maybe add an option to swap joyports.
Solo Kazuki   
2016-01-23 12:32   
it's fault of "mouse as joystick" interpretation. Switching ports probably didn't help - 2nd port will be used in this case as 1st original.
2016-01-23 13:39   
"2nd port will be used in this case as 1st original. " Eh, wat?

Anyway, problem also happens with mouse disconnected so it can't be "mouse as joystick" interpretation!
Solo Kazuki   
2016-01-23 15:18   
(Last edited: 2016-01-23 15:47)
I mean you just switch "mouse as joystick" for 2nd player.

Switching to joy/disable mouse works fine here, so i can't say it's not working. You must just remember to do this before game starts (e.g. on WHDLoad splash screen).

[Edit]Same "problem" is in some 2 players games, e.g. Chaos Engine (when you choose 2 players game).

In short, i think problem is that some games requires joystick in both ports, otherwise mouse works as "crazy joystick".

2016-01-23 18:41   
Solo Kazuki: This is for a ONE PLAYER game. There is no mouse attached to the system. How can it still be wrong? What you say applies IF A MOUSE IS CONNECTED, not if there's no mouse present.
I tried to run the floppy version on WinUAE to see if the original behaves the same way but I got a crash so I can't test that.
2016-01-24 23:30   
Game reads mouse and joystick in the main menu which causes this problem. Makes me wonder how it still happens without a mouse connected as that actually shouldn't be possible at all.

Anyway, mouse reading will be disabled in the new patch. Old patch also has other problems (Bplcon0 color bit problems, Beamcon0 writes etc.) and uses disk images which is not necessary at all as there are file tables on each of the 3 disks so I will completely make a new patch from scratch.
Hungry Horace   
2017-01-26 19:24   
Hi StingRay,

Thanks for picking up the fixes on this. Suprised you didn't get in contactor though?

Very interested in the 'new patch' you mention with files (may open up options for level editing which i had been looking into some years ago)

The CD32 pad code used was based on one shared on EAB, but it may be worth looking into whether there is a newer version with better compatibility on some of the trickier PSX-CD32 adaptors.

2017-08-31 16:43   
Any news regarding this install?
2017-09-12 11:21   
Akira: I'm working on the patch, still quite a bit to do though so I guess it won't be finished before the end of the year.
2017-09-12 15:23   
That's great to know StingRay, just glad the install isn't forgotten for this great game.
2017-09-12 15:26   
Neither forgotten nor abandoned. :) It's a great game that deserves a proper patch.
2017-09-13 14:32   
OK, had a look what's left to do: a lot of blits need to be fixed as they blit outside the base memory, fixing these is not too easy though as once you fix one, other problems occur. Then the whole game has to be tested until completion. Once that is done, everything has to be done for the AGA version again.
2017-09-13 14:53   
Ugh, what a pain.
Thanks for looking into it!
2019-06-24 17:26   
Well this has been "unassigned", I guess nobody wants to fix it? :(
2022-04-01 21:10   
Patch has been redone, control bug in main menu fixed, trainer options added, 24-bit problems fixed, highscore load/save added, CD32 joypad support added and more.

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