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0002971Moktar[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2014-03-13 01:202014-05-02 22:40
Assigned ToJOTD 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
Summary0002971: adventures of moktar always crash at start.
DescriptionSlave='AventuresDeMoktarFr.slave' (1136 bytes)
ShadowMem 96590 - 116590 ( 524288) AbsolutMem 80000 - 80000 ( 0)
Resload 16FE70 - 175EF4 ( 24708) at 16FE70 GL=$1F6028
Slave 1FDF38 - 1FE384 ( 1100) at 1FDF38 BaseMemSize=$80000
ExpMem 176000 - 1F6000 ( 524288) at 176000
attn=0(00) fc=-1 kn=0 cs=FFFB rw=25188 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0

Exception "Illegal Instruction" ($E010) at $5CD2 occured.

$00005caa move.l #$bbbbbbbb,d1
$00005cb0 addq.l #8,a0
$00005cb2 move.l d1,(a0)+ ;$00179ee2
$00005cb4 dbf d0,$5cb2
$00005cb8 rts
$00005cba movem.l d2/a2-a4,-(a7) ;$00179ee2
$00005cbe move.l a1,(a0) ;$00179ee2
$00005cc0 move.l a0,a2
$00005cc2 move.l a1,a3
$00005cc4 lea (-$c,a7),a7 ;$00179ed6
$00005cc8 move.l a7,a0
$00005cca moveq #$64,d0
$00005ccc bsr.w $580e
$00005cd0 tst.l d0
$00005cd2 trapeq
$00005cd4 beq.w $5de2
$00005cd8 move.l a2,a0
$00005cda move.l a3,a1
$00005cdc move.l d0,a2
$00005cde move.l a2,(8,a1) ;$0017b702
$00005ce2 move.l ($24,a1),a0 ;$0017b71e
$00005ce6 move.l (4,a0),a0 ;$00179ee6
$00005cea move.l a1,(8,a2) ;$0017b6f0
$00005cee move.l a7,a1
$00005cf0 move.w #$8e,d0
$00005cf4 move.w #$2981,d1
$00005cf8 bsr.w $588e
$00005cfc bsr.w $58c8
$00005d00 move.w #$2981,d0

exception stackframe:
$0007FFFA 00100000 5CD2
regular stack:
$00179EE2 00000000 00190EC0 00190EC0 00000004 00000000 0017E954 00179FC1 00190876
$00179F02 0017C548 0017F3A2 0017B6E8 0017B6FA 0017B742 0000A280 00000004 00190E80
$00179F22 00179F8A 0017EF70 0017B6E8 00000004 00000140 000000C8 00000140 000000C8
$00179F42 0017C5B8 0000FFFF 9F800017 44820017 44780000 1D010000 1E100000 00000000
$00179F62 56400017 615A0000 56400000 00000000 00000000 0017E954 00179FC1 00179FAE

  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx 190EC0 1F40 4 0 0 0 0 0
Ax 179EE2 17B6FA 17B6E8 17B6FA 179FC1 179F22 17A520

                 TTSM III XNZVC
PC= 5CD2 SR %0000000000010000 USP=179EE2 SSP=7FFFA

intena=%0110000000101000 dmacon=%0010001111100000 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A000 vhposr...0843 joy0dat..0300 joy1dat..0000 clxdat...8001
pot0dat..0000 pot1dat..0000 potinp...4400 serdatr..3800 dskbytr..8000
deniseid.FFFC hhposr...00FE
   ciaa: PI ROPS ciab: PI ROPS
    cra=00000000 ta=50FF<50FF cra=00000000 ta=FFFF<FFFF
    crb=00000001 tb=2D5E<50FF crb=00000000 tb=50FF<50FF
        10RTWCLO parallel DRCCDSOY M3210HDS
    pra=11111100 prb=11111111 pra=11111111 prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000 ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=000084 icr=00 sdr=00 event=00A032 icr=00 sdr=00
Steps To Reproducejust launch slave always crash. with whdload 17.1, 17.2, and the version i use from now 18beta

Additional Informationthis game is very capricious even i real floppy i can only play it by disabeling HD support in early startup menu of my A600 this is the only way to play it from floppy on A600. other way real floppy game crash too...may be this as something to do...special A600 bug due to hd support?
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2014-05-01 22:26   
there's an illegal TRAPEQ instruction here, so I guess that slave does not work on a machine below 68030.

I'll rewrite the slave one of those days (it's very old OSEmu/JST emulation crap, and I cannot even recompile it)
2014-05-02 22:40   
OSEmu emulation module has a 68020+ specific instruction.
Migrating to KickEmu solved the problem

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