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0002422CannonFodder2[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-31 16:552011-05-17 21:52
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem32 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002422: Same or similar keyboard problem like bug #0000629 On the save screen there is
DescriptionGameVersion: different pre-installs
SlaveVersion: Version 1.11 (19.05.2009)

Same or similar keyboard problem like 0000629
On the save screen there is a mess with keyboard string input (file save name). Something or nothing is inserted if I hit the keys or wrong direction. However, after that quitkey doesn`t work (have to reset what gives some colors in the background).
I downloaded CannonFodder2_v1.11_0104.zip and CannonFodder2_v1.11_De_0241.zip from lemmon-amiga to check if my install (pre-install from somewhere?) is corrupt. Both versions quit after "insert disk two" screen or after LMB click on mainscreen (start mission) with DOS Error "Can`t find file desheli.pal" (I checked the file is present) but data directory differ to my install a bit. File "john" is missing on the lemmon-amiga installs and 100 bytes difference.
I just wonder after years nobody noticed/mentioned/reported both problems.
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related to 0000629closed Wepl Cannon Fodder 2: Hi I was using the unregistered (yet) version of WHDLoad 15.1 
Attached Files? crack.whdl_filelog (3,599) 2011-05-02 11:28
? whdownload.whdl_filelog (1,953) 2011-05-02 11:29
? CannonFodder2.Slave (1,364) 2011-05-11 21:28

2011-04-03 13:41   
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the file 'john' is the cracktro, so your installation is from a crack, but this crack should work too.
from where you have downloaded the preinstalled ones? from whdownload?

I've tried the preinstalled from whdownload and all 3 are working fine here. Are you sure that the files did not get corrupted during transfer to your amiga?

2011-04-03 17:31   
Yes the both archives mentioned above are from whdownload. Would be strange if both are corrupted? I`ll download the english archive again and check again.

The working (crack) install (downloaded years ago from somewhere) have the problem with the keyboard (explained above). If I can`t found a working archvie I could upload my for checking, if you wish.
2011-04-03 18:20   
Ok, the once again downloaded archive has the same bahaviour (quits with DOS error file not found). However, my right ALT key from my keyboard doesn`t work but I think that isn`t the reason for my problem. E.g. CannonFodder I hasn`t that problem.
2011-04-04 00:02   
whdload tells with a requester that the file 'desheli.pal' cannot be read and you checked that the file is present and can be read?
2011-04-04 12:22   
Yes, I`ve checked that the file is present and can be read.

If I rename "desheli.pal" to "desheli.pal_not_working" and copy "desheli.pal" from my working (crack) install the WHDLoad error requester doesn`t appear. Strange, the files seems to be equal. Byte size and protection flags are the same. Also Cmp 40.6 tells they are equal. The only differnce I found is the file time stamp.

If I just copy "desheli.pal" from my working (crack) install WHDLoad reqeuster can`t find "desfgnd.pl8" appears. If I copy that file and start CF2 again "desfgn2.pl8" can`t be found. The files seems to be not the problem. Maybe the amount of existing files are checked?

However, that isn`t a problem for me. The main problem is the keyboard not working. :)
2011-04-04 16:33   
(Last edited: 2011-04-04 16:37)
I have neither an explanation for your keyboard problem, nor for the files cannot be read. Therefore the question arises if your overall setup is safe.
All other whdload stuff works?

If whdload tells it cannot read a file which is present and readable it seems somtehing with the environment is not ok. Is the harddisk and filesystem ok? Maxtransfer and Mask correct?

2011-04-05 15:10   
My subjective answer to your question is yes, because I never noticed such a keyboard problem on other WHDLoad installs. Of course I`ve some bugs with some games (e.g. see my bugreports). If you see there something what mention an overall setup problem, please let me know. :) As far as I know WHDLoad kills the OS and takeover system what should exclude running programs (e.g. MuForce, sashimi, safe)? On the other hand I only can guess that my system is ok.

I think the best way to restrict would be to have an non-WHDLoad game version that runs on my system. Unfortunately the JST install has no mouse pointer (invincible) and gamesave doesn`t work or I hit the wrong "button". On left side screen about x=0-60 pixel are black. Jean-Fran├žois FABRE wrote in the readme about "lots of problems with this game". Therefore I assume the game is "badly" written.

HD, FS (SFS), MaxTransfer and Mask are OK.
2011-05-01 23:18   
please use option FILELOG one time with your crack install and one time with the version from whdownload and attach the .whdl_filelog to this issue
2011-05-02 11:32   
Done. I had know FILELOG option earlier. :-)
2011-05-10 23:03   
I have added a delay in the keyboard code. Can you please test the attached Slave?
2011-05-11 12:29   
I tried to reproduce a behaviour but without success. One time a savegame "FF" (I typed) was written and quitkey worked. Next try I just typed "F" as savegame name and after about 2 seconds the "F" is automatically deleted (Like a backspace) and maybe appears again without my action. Quitkey doesn`t work after that. My result is that char input string behaviour is really random.
2011-05-11 21:29   
please try the new slave attached, I've recoded whole keyboard routine now
2011-05-12 14:25   
With the new slave the problem with keyboard input and quitkey is solved. Thanks!

ps: I opened a new bugreport for cannon fodder 2 (access fault), sorry.
2011-05-17 21:52   
new install packages has been released

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