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Sensible World of Moon Soccer Demo< >Seven Gates of Jambala

Sensible World of Soccer (Sensible Software)

download the install packageSWOS.lha
created at2001-08-30
size of install package37264 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker14
Hall Of Light1871 1872 1874
Lemon Amiga945 944 943

Short:    HD-Installer for SWOS
Author:   Galahad of Fairlight (GLDFLT@AOL.COM)
Version:  1.7
Type:     game/patch

This patch applies to SWOS, 1994-97 Sensible Software

                      PLEASE NOTE NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS

- This WHDload patch is configured and made possible using a REAL Amiga!
If you are able to play this install on your emulator, this comes with no
assurances that the install will be trouble free, and as such, NO mail can
be answered in relation to bugs occuring on anything other than a
REAL Amiga!  If any serious problems occur as a result of using this patch
on your emulated machine, please consider reporting the problem to the 
author of the emulator you are using.

Currently supported versions:
SWOS v0.9       94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.1       94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS            95-96 2 Disk version
SWOS UPDATE     95-96 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.0       94-95 2 Disk version
SWOS EURO96     95-96 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.52 (v1) 96-97 2 Disk version
SWOS v1.52 (v2) 96-97 2 Disk version*	F I N A L
(*) added support since last slave release)

There are no more versions (!) of SWOS to support, just the speed fix!

- Slave requires WHDLOAD V12+.
- Game requires 2.0 MB Chip Mem (+ 1.8 other memory for preload option)

- Full load from Hard drive (REAL files)
- Lame-o-Protect removed (Copylock)/(2x Copylock in versions 1.52)
- Load/Save Seasons/Tactics/Leagues/Careers/Highlights/Diy to Hard Drive
- Memory bus error fixed!
- Bus error fixed! (Highlights)
- CACR code removed
- Divide by Zero code removed
- RomIcon, NewIcon (x2) and GlowIcon (also x2) (all created by Frank!)
- Quit option is 'Del'

Thanks goto the following guys for making this install possible:
Vulture			;Initial two versions
Dr.Zarkov		;Six move versions
Mario Sarno		;Latest version
James-Maurice Battle	;ANOTHER latest version
John Regent		;The FINAL version!
Frank			;For the great icons
Their testing and patience have enabled SWOS WHDLoad to become a reality!

Thanks also to the MANY people that have sent email thanking me for
this install.

These currently supported versions of SWOS have been tested on 68o3o
and 68o6o and now operate as they should.

45 Seperate saves are still allowed.

SWOS still has one bug in the game which is present in the original.

If you want to view a HIGHLIGHT, you MUST have already loaded a game and
played!  It does not matter if you only play on the pitch for 2 seconds or
2 hours, the HIGHLIGHTS option expects you to have already loaded a game,
otherwise it will hang.

For purists of SWOS, you know this already ;)


If you are having slowdown problems, could you please try the NOVBRMOVE
option and tell me if there are any improvements or whether or not
SWOS is still the same.

Reply via the usual EMAIL address (GLDFLT@AOL.COM)

Once I get a few things sorted, perhaps we can nail this slowdown bug on
faster processors.

Signed Galahad of Fairlight

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
SWOS.Slave - 26.02.1980 09:07:08 - 2492 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory2048 KiB ($200000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-+ Sensible World Of Soccer +-
info copy1994-97 Sensible Software
info install-------------------------
SWOS v0.9.......94-95
SWOS v1.0.......94-95
SWOS v1.1.......94-95
SWOS UPDATE.....95-96
SWOS EURO96.....95-96
SWOS v1.52 (v1).96-97
SWOS v1.52 (v2).96-97
(29/08/01 - FINAL)

Install Archive Content Listing
37170lh512241980-08-31 06:47:28Install
7150lh53561980-08-31 06:47:28Install.info
33970lh516411980-02-26 09:11:38README
20500lh515871980-02-26 09:11:38README.info
20lh021980-08-31 06:46:24swos11.dku
97010lh585121980-08-31 06:46:24SWOS.glowicon
80630lh563101980-08-31 06:46:24SWOS.glowicon2
124840lh539451980-08-31 06:46:24SWOS.inf
141740lh566381980-08-31 06:46:24SWOS.newicon
128490lh551251980-08-31 06:46:24SWOS.newicon2
24920lh515031980-02-26 09:07:08SWOS.Slave

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