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Last Ninja 3 (System 3)

download the install packageLastNinja3.lha
created at2022-04-04
size of install package72658 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mr.Larmer & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker47
Hall Of Light841 842
Lemon Amiga704 4213

			    The Last Ninja 3

	That patch applies to Last Ninja 3 (c) 1991 System 3
	(2 disk version).

	Before you can use this you must install WHDLoad and DIC from the
	whdload package. The tools must be available via the path.

	You need 0.5 MB ChipMem.
	You can quit the game by pressing F10.

	32 blitter waits inserted (only on 68010+).

	Thanx to Chris Vella for original disk image.

                                                                      /   /
____________________________________________________________________ / / /_____
                                                                    / / /
      Dark Angel of Gore Design                              ____  / / /
   e-mail:  wir96fme@studserv.uni-leipzig.de                 \   \/ / /
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	Wepl (31.08.03)
	- new install script, supports CD³² version too
	- other icons added
	- docs added

	StingRay (27.07.2016)
	- patch is now 68000 compatible including 68000 quitkey support
	- lots of trainer options added
	- WHDLoad v17+ features used
	- keyboard routine rewritten
	- sound problems fixed
	- ByteKiller decruncher relocated and error check added
	- interrupts fixed
	- blitter wait patches disabled on 68000
	- intro can be skipped with CUSTOM2
	- game bug fixed (z-position problem, "R" to reset z-position)
	- high score load/save added (saving disabled if any trainers used)
	- delay for System 3 screen added
	- CD32 joypad support added (can be disabled with CUSTOM3) 
	- source code included

	StingRay (04.04.2022)
	- level code can be entered with CD32 joypad buttons, issue #4600
	  (REVERSE cycles through character, FORWARD changes character)
	- latest joypad reading code used

Notes from StingRay, 27.07.2016

I have updated the patch and made it fully 68000 compatible, this includes
quitkey support too of course. The blitter waits are now disabled on 68000
machines to avoid slow-downs.

I have also added a lot of trainer options to make the game easier.
Please note that high score saving is disabled if any trainers are used! 
If in-game keys are enabled, the following extra keys can be used:

 B: full bushido (green dragon)
 L: toggle unlimited lives
 E: toggle unlimited energy
 K: kill enemy
 F: toggle enemy freezing
 W: get all weapons
 N: skip level 
 1: add 1 life
 2: replenish energy
 3: get all objects and weapons

 There is also one more extra key that I have added, this key is always
 activated no matter if in-game keys are enabled or not. The game
 has a major bug which is triggered sometimes and results in an unplayable
 game as it is impossible to leave the screens. This is caused by a
 wrong z-position, to reset the z-position press key "R", this will fix
 the problem and you can continue the game.

 I have also added CD32/2 button joystick support, if this should cause any
 problems it can be disabled with CUSTOM3. Following buttons are supported:

 Fire2/Blue: pick up objects (major game improvement IMHO!)
      Green: select objects

 Other than that I have fixed the interrupts and the sound problems (caused
 by CPU dependent DMA waits as usual), added high score load/save and
 relocated the ByteKiller decruncher for faster decrunching. An error check
 has been added as well, if decrunching fails WHDLoad will quit with an
 appropriate error message.

 Enjoy the game from HD, with enabled trainers and the joypad support
 it's quite OK I think but better go and play the C64 version which is
 MUCH better.
 StingRay in July 2016

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
LastNinja3.slave - 04.04.2022 16:32:40 - 3088 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameLast Ninja 3
info copy1991 System 3
info installinstalled by Mr.Larmer/Wanted Team & StingRay/[S]carab^Scoopex
Version 1.1A (04.04.2022)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC2:B:Skip Intro;
C3:B:Disable Joypad Support;
C1:X:Unlimited Lives:0;
C1:X:Unlimited Energy:1;
C1:X:Start with all Weapons:2;
C1:X:Unlimited Shiraken:3;
C1:X:One hit to knock down enemies:4;
C1:X:Enemies die after one hit:5;
C1:X:Start with max. Bushido (Green Dragon):6;
C1:X:In-Game Keys:7

Install Archive Content Listing
15841lh51047Amiga2003-09-01 23:55:26LastNinja3 Install.info
117481lh53237Amiga2003-09-09 08:32:28LastNinja3 Install/install
12551lh5829Amiga2003-08-31 20:30:50LastNinja3 Install/Install.info
272091lh513389Amiga2003-08-27 19:03:16LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.coloricon1
136501lh57359Amiga2002-12-21 00:02:26LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.coloricon2
100191lh57513Amiga2002-12-21 11:48:26LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.coloricon3
112731lh54751Amiga2002-12-21 11:48:26LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.newicon
160861lh57432Amiga1998-07-09 19:25:10LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.romicon
30881lh52176Amiga2022-04-04 16:32:40LastNinja3 Install/LastNinja3.slave
104851lh54385Amiga2003-09-01 23:41:36LastNinja3 Install/Manual
19901lh51310Amiga2003-09-01 23:44:10LastNinja3 Install/Manual.info
29691lh51270Amiga2003-03-17 21:14:46LastNinja3 Install/QuickDocs
19901lh51313Amiga2003-09-01 23:44:10LastNinja3 Install/QuickDocs.info
37141lh51653Amiga2022-04-04 16:39:50LastNinja3 Install/README
19901lh51310Amiga2000-09-11 00:38:38LastNinja3 Install/ReadMe.info
58931lh52545Amiga2003-03-17 22:05:58LastNinja3 Install/Solution
19901lh51311Amiga2003-09-01 23:44:10LastNinja3 Install/Solution.info
253201lh58626Amiga2022-04-04 16:34:38LastNinja3 Install/Source/LastNinja3.asm

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