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Kid Chaos (Ocean/Magnetic Fields)

download the install packageKidChaos.lha
created at2006-07-10
size of install package175173 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
DJ Mike & Dr.Zarkov
Mantis BugTracker253
Hall Of Light2567 2568
Lemon Amiga634

Short:    HD Installer for Kid Chaos ECS/CD32
Author:   DJ Mike (djmike@crystalmike.com), ICQ: 35028461
Uploader: DJ Mike (djmike@crystalmike.com)
Version:  1.0/1.1b
Type:     game/patch
Requires: WHDLoad 14, 1024k chip mem

This patch applies to "Kid Chaos" (c) 1994 Ocean/Magnetic Fields
You will need the 4 original disks or the CD32 edition.
Alternatively cracked versions are likely to work, but I offer
no guarantees!

- Slave requires WHDLoad V14+. Register WHDLoad and support it!
- Disk version requires 1024k chip mem
  (+2.8MB other memory for preload option)
- CD32 edition requires AGA, 2048k chip mem and at least MC68020
  (+5.8MB other memory for preload option)

- Loads fully from HD
- Quit to workbench at any time (Default key: F10)
- Rob Northen Copylock removed (primitive usage!)
- Decompression moved to fast mem if available for faster loading
- Uses custom depacker to unpack the files from disk
- Copper list fixes
- Icons included (made by Captain HIT and Frank)

- v1.0 Initial release
- CD32 JST/WHDLoad releases by Dr.Zarkov with additional support by JOTD
  (see the old ReadMe in the LZX archive for more information)

- I might extend the custom unpacker to decompress the game's data
  files, but to be honest the performance gain is minimal (decrunching
  doesn't take that long at load time) - and it takes up twice as much
  space anyway

- Enter HARDASNAILS (Hard As Nails) on the password screen to enable
  a cheat options menu
- Enter ARCADEGAMES (Arcade Games) on the password screen to enable
  a menu containing all the end-of-world arcade games


I had to write a custom game file unpacker (in lovely assembler :-) hey,
it's the only language I know in-depth on the Amiga!) - the game uses
an unusual file layout to store its data files (inside one big mux'd file)
so I had little choice.

Since I have written this tool from scratch I would advise that if you
experience any problems with it, e-mail me a bug report and I'll look
into it. I've coded it to be quite rigorous with checking for errors
tho, so fingers crossed!

If you have an existing install from the game's own installer, you can copy
the slave file in and move the existing install into a directory called
'data' and it will work - HOWEVER you MUST also copy the files 'kidchaos'
and 'prog' off Disk 1 into the data directory as well (the one the game
installs is different to the one I use!)

Supposedly an AGA version of this game existed on floppy disk, but I never
found it. Dunno what the magazines thought they were reviewing! Apparently
that version ended up purely on CD32.

Greetings to Codetapper, Cfou, Psygore, Wepl, MadMatt, Captain HIT, JOTD,
and all the people who support WHDLoad!

-- DJ Mike (12th November 2005)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

            ________  ________  ________  ____  ________  ________
           _)       \_)       \_)       \_)   \_)       \_)       \
   __ ___ /___/     /   /_____/\  /     /     /   /     /   /     /
  /_//__// \___    /   /     /CT\/     /     /   /     /   /     /
        /___/     /___      /   /     /_____/___      /___/     /___ __
            \____/    \____/    \____/          \____/    \____//__//_/

           Visit the Action website for more of our productions:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
KidChaos.slave - 14.11.2005 21:12:10 - 880 bytes
required WHDLoad version14
flagsNoError ClearMem
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameKid Chaos
info copy1994 Ocean/Magnetic Fields
info installInstalled by DJ Mike/Action!
Version 1.0 (14-Nov-2005)
KidChaosCD32.slave - 20.07.2002 12:50:58 - 464 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsNoError EmulTrap Req68020 ReqAGA
required Chip Memory2048 KiB ($200000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameKid Chaos CD³²
info copy1994 Ocean/Magnetic Fields
info installInstalled by Dr.Zarkov
Version 1.1b (20-Jul-2002)
Additional support by JOTD

Install Archive Content Listing
6280lh52751999-10-30 00:08:02KidChaos.info
204770lh553622005-11-14 21:12:10KidChaos\Install-KidChaos
7250lh53691999-10-30 00:08:02KidChaos\Install-KidChaos.info
20120lh512382005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kcdepack
230070lh5198962005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.boxicon
40810lh539242002-07-20 14:09:24KidChaos\KidChaosCD32.lzx
4640lh53882002-07-20 12:50:58KidChaos\KidChaosCD32.slave
97030lh581792005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon0
186250lh5115492005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon1
152450lh5109632005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon2
154510lh5131002005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon3
153710lh5123212005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon4
187630lh5163982005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.colicon5
169190lh555042005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newic128
187230lh575732005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newic256
217530lh555532005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newicon0
181570lh565942005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newicon1
181530lh582462005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newicon2
181580lh568582005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newicon3
181530lh579502005-11-13 19:08:10KidChaos\kidchaos.newicon4
8800lh56702005-11-14 21:12:10KidChaos\KidChaos.slave
322080lh5181722001-05-08 18:55:46KidChaos\OSEMUMODULE400.BIN
10040lh59242000-04-16 14:08:38KidChaos\Patch
34700lh517522005-11-14 21:12:10KidChaos\ReadMe
4240lh52151999-10-30 00:08:02KidChaos\ReadMe.info

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