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Golden Axe (Virgin)

download the install packageGoldenAxe.lha
created at2022-11-02
size of install package74890 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mr.Larmer & Psygore
Mantis BugTracker366
Hall Of Light2759
Lemon Amiga463

Short : HD-Installer for Golden Axe
Type : game/patch
Author : Mr.Larmer & Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That patch applies to Golden Axe (c) 1989 Virgin (1 disk version).

Before you can use this you must install WHDLoad 18+ and RawDIC from
the whdload package. The tools must be available via the path.

You need 0.5 MB ChipMem and 0.5 MB OtherMem.
You can quit the game by pressing '*' (PrtSc).

Version 1.7 (02.11.22) by Psygore:
 - Joystick controls improved: you can jump while running with BLUE/2nd button
   (thanks to Solo Kazuki for testing)
 - CD≥≤ buttons changed:
   - BLUE/2nd button to jump
   - GREEN/3rd button for magic bomb
 - CD≥≤ buttons added:
   - RED+BLUE for backward attacks
 - Install script updated
Version 1.6 (14.01.21) by Psygore:
 - DMA wait patched in sound replay routine
 - Set CUSTOM2=1 to remove blitter wait fix

Version 1.5 (29.04.15) by Psygore:
 - Supports Arcade SEGA Hits version (thanks to Sal)
 - Better CD≥≤ buttons read routine
 - Install script updated

Version 1.4 (30.04.10) by Psygore:
 - Supports 2nd button of some pads (ie. Megadrive)

Version 1.3 (12.03.06) by Psygore:
 - Slave updated for whdload v14+
 - RawDIC imager used
 - New icons (Chris Vella/CFou!/BoxIcon) & intall script
 - Stack moved in fastmem
 - Snoopbug removed
 - Joypad buttons for 2 players supported
 - Wait in title/credits picture inserted
 - Music replay fixed in ntsc
 - Unlimited lives activated with CUSTOM1=1 (Mr.Larmer's source slave)
 - Manual included

Version 1.0-1.2 (09.05.98) by Mr.Larmer:
 - Disk protection removed
 - Blitwait inserted

BoxIcon has been made from boxscans (http://hol.abime.net/2759)

Key controls & CD≥≤ buttons during the game:
 P                  (PLAY)		  Pause
 M                  (YELLOW)              Music On/Off
 F10 while Paused   ()			  Abort
 LEFT ALT           (GREEN/3rd button)	  Player 1 Magic
 RIGHT ALT          (GREEN/3rd button)	  Player 2 Magic
                     (BLUE/2nd button)    Jump
                (RED+BLUE/2nd+3rd button) Backward attacks
		     (REVERSE/FORWARD)    Run  

 '*'              (PLAY+REVERSE+FORWARD)  Quit Game 

	for problems contact:	psygore@whdload.de
	full whdload package:	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?.lha
	other installs:		http://www.whdload.de/

Thanx to Mark Knibbs for original disk image.

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
GoldenAxe.slave - 02.11.2022 18:46:54 - 2464 bytes
required WHDLoad version18
flagsNoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameGolden Axe
info copy1989 Virgin
info installInstalled by Mr.Larmer & Psygore
Version 1.7 (02 Nov 2022)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:B:Unlimited Energy Player 1 & 2;
C2:B:Remove BLITWAIT Fix

Install Archive Content Listing
248681lh522321Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.boxicon
39041lh52984Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.colcfou
207561lh515011Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.colchris
160121lh59064Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.inf
3961lh5305Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.islave
24641lh51780Amiga2022-11-02 18:46:54GoldenAxeHD/GoldenAxe.slave
39751lh51798Amiga2015-04-29 16:50:34GoldenAxeHD.info
406671lh510190Amiga2022-11-02 18:46:54GoldenAxeHD/Install-GoldenAxe
37121lh52573Amiga2015-04-29 16:50:34GoldenAxeHD/Install-GoldenAxe.info
96881lh54265Amiga2006-03-12 21:24:38GoldenAxeHD/Manual
19901lh51316Amiga2015-04-29 16:50:34GoldenAxeHD/Manual.info
23831lh51195Amiga2022-11-02 18:46:54GoldenAxeHD/ReadMe
19901lh51311Amiga2015-04-29 16:50:34GoldenAxeHD/ReadMe.info

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