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Fire Hawk (Codemasters)

download the install packageFireHawk.lha
created at2003-10-25
size of install package60409 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light557
Lemon Amiga2093

Short : HD-Installer for FireHawk - (c) 1993 Codemasters
Type  : game/patch
Author: Galahad / Fairlight (gldflt@blueyonder.co.uk

 This install applies to "FireHawk" © 1993 Codemasters
 Slave requires WHDLoad V15+.
 Game needs 0.5 MB Of Chipmem & 0.5MB of Fastmem (for preload option and reloc)

 - Original PAL Release
 - Fairlight Release


 - Full Loading from HD (REAL Files)
 - Lame-o-Protect removed (Copylock)
 - Load error fixed
 - Game Over fixed
 - Quit Option (F10 key)
 Thanks to Mad Matt for the installer and icons
 Thanks to Peter Wraighworth for the image 

 So, so budget game from Codemasters.  Diverting enough, and a simple enough
 little fix.
Kindest Regards, Galahad, Matt and Peter


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
FireHawk.Slave - 25.10.2003 10:17:56 - 548 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-+ F I R E H A W K +-
info copy1993 Codemasters
info install----------------------
Installed & Fixed by
Galahad of FAiRLiGHT
v1.0 (22.10.2003)
Thanks to Mad Matt for the Installer
And Icons

Install Archive Content Listing
137990lh5133552003-10-25 10:20:54FireHawkHD\FireHawk.colexot
120350lh5113172003-10-25 10:32:50FireHawkHD\Firehawk.coloricon
280980lh0280982003-10-25 10:25:54FireHawkHD\FireHawk.pwicon
5480lh54362003-10-25 10:17:56FireHawkHD\FireHawk.Slave
19570lh517362003-10-25 10:37:44FireHawkHD.info
96490lh526332003-10-25 11:03:26FireHawkHD\Install
7410lh56122003-10-25 10:37:44FireHawkHD\Install.info
8110lh54892003-10-25 10:17:56FireHawkHD\ReadMe
19900lh513142003-10-25 10:37:44FireHawkHD\ReadMe.info

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