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Embryo< >Emerald Mine II

Emerald Mine (Kingsoft)

download the install packageEmeraldMine.lha
created at2012-11-25
size of install package11989 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker1120
Hall Of Light2841 3429
Lemon Amiga1262

That patch applies to Emerald Mine (c) 1987 Kingsoft.

This install has the slave-version 1.0.
It needs WHDLoad16 or higher in the path (eg in c:).
Supported versions are IPF1525 and the version on the Emerald Mines CD
(in _OLD_EM/1/ - to install copy the files in that dir to a disk named

Fixed:  CPU dependend loops.
        Due a programming fault, a few random instructions were overwritten
          when completing a level, leading to strange effects in the game.
        Random generator took values from the Kickrom, replaced and stone
          pushing probability adapted to original generator. Please file
          a bug report if a stone pushing level is still impossible, or
          if another random dependend behaviour is weird.

History: V1.0 - 2012-nov-24 Initial slave version.

The install is tested on an 18 MB 68030 and on E-UAE.
It needs 896 kB Chipmem, 256 kB arbitrary memory and additionally 800 kB
  for preload.

Disclaimer: Install is Freeware and sourcecode is included. 
        You use the install wholly on your own risk.

Full whdload package:	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?.lha
Other installs:		http://www.whdload.de/
Report bugs with the bug report form on that page.

Have fun,

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
emeraldmine.slave - 24.11.2012 21:07:54 - 5012 bytes
required WHDLoad version16
flagsNoError EmulPriv Examine
required Chip Memory896 KiB ($e0000)
required Expansion Memory256 KiB ($40000)
info nameEmerald Mine
info copy1987 Kingsoft
info installadapted by Harry
Version 1.0
Kickstart name34005.a500
Kickstart size256 KiB ($40000)
Kickstart checksum$f9e3

Install Archive Content Listing
86651lh53157Amiga2012-11-24 21:00:30EmeraldMine/emeraldmine1.asm
30271lh5689Amiga2012-11-24 21:03:36EmeraldMine/EmeraldMine.inf
50121lh53524Amiga2012-11-24 21:07:54EmeraldMine/emeraldmine.slave
9481lh5497Amiga2012-11-24 21:13:14EmeraldMine.info
27301lh51017Amiga2012-11-24 21:02:48EmeraldMine/Install
7121lh5358Amiga2012-11-24 21:16:00EmeraldMine/Install.info
12371lh5726Amiga2012-11-24 21:12:10EmeraldMine/Readme
20261lh51564Amiga2012-07-22 19:26:12EmeraldMine/Readme.info

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