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Crazy Sue< >Creature

Crazy Sue Goes On (Hironymus Jumpshoe)

download the install packageCrazySue2.lha
created at2006-09-10
size of install package22554 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
DJ Mike
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Hall Of Light4696
Lemon Amiga1908

Short:    HD Installer for Crazy Sue 2 v1.1
Author:   DJ Mike (djmike@crystalmike.com), ICQ: 35028461
Uploader: DJ Mike (djmike@crystalmike.com)
Version:  1.1
Type:     game/patch
Requires: WHDLoad 15, 512k chip mem

This patch applies to "Crazy Sue 2" © 1992 Hironymus Jumpshoe

- Disk version
  - You can download this from http://www.crystalmike.com/crazysu2.zip
- You can use a version from sites such as Aminet - copy the main executable to
  a folder and rename it "Crazy_Sue_II", then copy the slave from this install

- WHDLoad is kept alive through the support of its users!
  - If you value this software then PLEASE REGISTER at http://www.whdload.de

- Slave requires WHDLoad V15+.
- Game requires 512k chip mem
  (+237k other memory for preload option)

- Game runs entirely from HD
- Decruncher moved to fast memory for quicker loading
- Main executable can be decompressed for fastest loading
  or repacked with Propack/Imploder
- Snoop error fixed
- Colour bits fixed (x8)
- Music player fixed (byte write to audio register)
- Sue now stays in the middle of the screen while in-game leve is scrolling
  - set CUSTOM1=1 to default back original game setting of near-left/right
- Trainer mode added: Infinite Lives
  * Press HELP during the game to toggle on/off
- Quit to Workbench at any time (Default key: F10)
- Rom/New/Color Icons included (made by Captain HIT)

- v1.0 (16.10.2002)
  - Initial release
- v1.1 (10.09.2006)
  - Fixed startup access fault on 060 machines
  - Music player fixed for 060 machines (byte write to audXvol register)
  - Level scrolls with Sue in the centre rather than near-left/right
    (set CUSTOM1=1 to return to default setting)

On the title screen, type HIRONZMUSJUMPSHOE and the border should
flash. The following keys can be pressed during the game:

On the numeric keypad:
	<7> Turn sprite collision off
	<8> Turn sprite collision on
	<4> Fire power on
	<5> Fire power off
	<1> Stop the timer
	<2> Start the timer
	<3> High jump
	<.> Gives you keys
	 and  control slow motion

Greetings to Codetapper, Galahad, Wepl and the rest of the WHDLoad team!

-- DJ Mike (16th October 2002)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
CrazySue2.slave - 10.09.2006 21:15:28 - 592 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameCrazy Sue 2
info copy1992 Hironymus Jumpshoe
info installInstalled by DJ Mike
Version 1.1 (10.09.2006)

Install Archive Content Listing
76270lh557682006-09-10 20:51:26CrazySue2HD\CrazySue2.coloricon
191620lh558252006-09-10 20:51:38CrazySue2HD\CrazySue2.newicon
124750lh536512006-09-10 20:54:22CrazySue2HD\CrazySue2.romicon
5920lh54792006-09-10 21:15:28CrazySue2HD\CrazySue2.slave
11930lh56642006-09-10 18:05:32CrazySue2HD.info
95330lh525332002-10-16 14:58:40CrazySue2HD\Install
7120lh53502002-10-16 15:07:12CrazySue2HD\Install.info
23790lh513062006-09-10 21:04:24CrazySue2HD\ReadMe
20040lh515452002-10-16 15:07:12CrazySue2HD\ReadMe.info

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