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Colgate / Harald Hårdtand: Kampen Om De Rene Tænder (SilverRock)

download the install packageColgate.lha
created at2018-05-23
size of install package18758 Bytes
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Bored Seal & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker1161
Hall Of Light3898
Lemon Amiga2105

Short : HD-Installer for Colgate
Type : game/patch
Author : Bored Seal, StingRay

This patch applies to "Colgate" by Silver Rock (c) 1992 - 1 disk.
Slave requires WHDLOAD V10+.
Game requires 0.5MB ChipRAM + 0.5MB any RAM (+ 0.9MB RAM for PreLoad)

- Full load from HD
- Manual protection removed
- Decruncher relocated to FastRAM
- Trainer option added (set CUSTOM1=1 for unlimited lives)
- NI/MWB icon (created by JHZ)
- Quit option (your default key)

V1.0 (29-Apr-1999) - first release
V1.1 (23-Jul-2006) - fastRAM usage, decruncher => FastRAM
                   - taglist fixed to work with WHDLoad v16.6
V1.2 (23-May-2018) - out of bounds blit fixed
(done by StingRay) - crash caused by buggy joystick routine fixed
		   - high-score load/save
		   - lots of trainers
		   - byte write to volume register fixed (x5)
		   - interrupts fixed
		   - 68000 quitkey support
		   - WHDLoad v17+ features used


 I actually only wanted to add high-score load/save but ended up spending
 quite a bit of time on this update. The code is pretty good but there is
 a major bug in the joystick routines which causes crashes depending on
 the used joystick directions. Took me a while to find a reason but once
 fixed the game never crashed anymore! There also was a wrong blit which
 needed to be fixed and I have also fixed a few byte writes to the volume
 register and added some trainer options. The trainer in V1.1 wasn't done
 properly btw, the boss levels weren't patches so the trainer didn't work
 in these levels for obvious reasons. If in-game keys are enabled, the
 following keys keys can be used:

 N: skip level
 E: refresh energy
 B: get 5 smart bombs
 I: toggle invincibility

 High-score saving will be disabled if any trainers are used!

 Enjoy the game, it's actually pretty good!

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Colgate.slave - 23.05.2018 10:10:24 - 1524 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory512 KiB ($80000)
info nameColgate - Harald Hardtand
info copy1992 Silver Rock
info installinstalled & fixed by Bored Seal & StingRay
V1.2 (23-May-2018)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Unlimited Lives:0;
C1:X:Unlimited Ammo:1;
C1:X:Unlimited Energy:2;
C1:X:In-Game Keys:3

Install Archive Content Listing
57001lh53091Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD/Colgate.inf
108661lh56124Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD/Colgate.newicon
19441lh51067Amiga2018-05-23 10:28:54ColgateHD/Colgate.readme
20401lh51582Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD/Colgate.readme.info
15241lh51083Amiga2018-05-23 10:10:24ColgateHD/Colgate.slave
12331lh5590Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD.info
26261lh5917Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD/Install
7071lh5355Amiga2006-07-25 08:59:22ColgateHD/Install.info
98691lh53441Amiga2018-05-23 09:58:12ColgateHD/src/Colgate.asm

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