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Franco Girardelli Hockey (ICS)

download the install packageICS_FrancoGirardelliHockey.lha
created at2011-11-15
size of install package37146 Bytes
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Max Headroom
Hall Of Light1764
Lemon Amiga3510

Short:    AGA/HD fix for ICS "Franco Girardelli Hockey" Cracktro
Author:   S.Pucino@gmx.de (Max Headroom/TEX)
Uploader: S.Pucino@gmx.de (Max Headroom/TEX)
Version:  1.0
Type:     demo/intro
Requires: WHD-Load v14.x+

This patch applies to Franco Girardelli Hockey Crack-Intro, © 199x Italian Cracking Service

And another cracktro hits the place ;)
This time I had nothing to fix ;) WHD-Load will allocate and protect the
system from overwriting. So therefore I preferred WHD-Load instead crashing
my system with faulty intros.

 - WHD-Load V14+
 - Intro req. 0.5 MB ChipMem
 - Barfly or ASM-One for compilation. I prefer ASM-One for smaller code ^_^

 - File-loader via OSEmu (included)
 - Nice OS3.5 Icon included.
 - Complete and fully commented source-code included !

 - Tested ONLY on my A1230/50 MHz (2MB Chip, 16MB Fast).
   Sorry, no more hardware at home.  ^_^
 - I'm a BEGINNER ! Please don't expect something like an assembler-crack
   who gives you a PPC-native slave ;) This is my first *working* one ;)

Still in work...
 - Vixen / She-Fox (70%)
 - Thrust "Impossible Mission II" cracktro (30%)
 - Thrust "The Blub" intro (80%)
 - WildFire Crew - Two music-discs and small beta-intros (10%)

                 Full WHDLoad package and other installs:

       If you have problems and/or questions regarding this release,
              please call our toll-free service hotline at...

+++ ATH LogOff...

.--[MAX HEADROOM/THE EXTERMINATORS]--[S.Pucino@gmx.de]------------.
: Stefano PUCINO ^_^ BiNARy DiGiTAL: http://go.to/max_headroom ^,^:CPC_
:  CPC-Musix: http://amstrad.at/cpc8912 ! MangaNET-Administration :_ //
`-{Old Programmers never die - they just GOSUB but don't RETURN}--'\X/PSX

Run emulated

Browser Amiga emulation thanks to vAmigaWeb
HDF creation thanks to amitools

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
ICS.slave - 03.10.2001 04:53:18 - 428 bytes
required WHDLoad version14
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameFranco Girardelli Hockey Crack-Intro
info copy Italian Cracking Service
info install--------Installed by:--------
Max Headroom
The Exterminators
Version 1.0

Install Archive Content Listing
128921lh512803Amiga1980-01-01 00:00:00ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/ICS
30331lh52134Amiga2011-10-31 17:19:02ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/ICS.info
4281lh5338Amiga2001-10-03 04:53:18ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/ICS.slave
9571lh5508Amiga2010-12-26 10:28:54ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey.info
324161lh518424Amiga2001-09-15 22:46:24ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/OSEmu.400
18361lh51086Amiga2001-10-03 15:31:26ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/ReadMe
19901lh51314Amiga2010-12-26 10:28:54ICS FrancoGirardelliHockey/ReadMe.info

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