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0005995DevilsTemple[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-03-22 13:57
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoDevil's Temple (Geezer Games)
Summary0005995: 2 issues: first the slave looks for "test.exe" but on itch the exe name is
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,3 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.1

2 issues:
first the slave looks for "test.exe" but on itch the exe name is different.
After renaming, it works on WinUAE but access fault on real amiga. Plus quitkey doesn't work.
It's a known issue: with winuae, modifying the VBR isn't detected by MMU, but on a real machine it is detected.
You probably forgot to remove a MOVEC VBR,DO somewhere in the slave.
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WorkbenchOS 3.2
KickROM47 - Kick 3.2
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note ~0012342

CFOU (developer)

Hi Jeff
on ADF main file is named "test.exe"

I will verify for VBR move (je pensais avoir testé sur 060)

note ~0012343

StingRay (developer)

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Detecting VBR access works for me in WinUAE (see attached screenshot).

note ~0012344

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

Hi StingRay,
About the Test.exe file, It depends on the version you are using. In feet, depending on the version downloaded (all in v3.5), the name of the EXE file changes.
On the ADF version, Test.exe is used while on the WHD, CD ISO and HD versions, DevilsTemple.exe is used.

Best regards,

note ~0012352

funkazzista (reporter)

Can't remember if the exception I have here (and pasted below) was generated with latest slave, but I had the very same crash last night with Devil's Temple v3.5 and latest slave installed.

************************* 22-Nov-22 16:17:11 ************************18.9.6507***
Slave='DevilsTemple.Slave' (6868 bytes)
Resload 7FEC7000 - 7FECF78C ( 34700) at 7FEC7000 GL=$7FED1000
Slave 7FEDA000 - 7FEDB3AC ( 5036) at 7FEDA000 BaseMemSize=$100000
ExpMem 7FBF9000 - 7FD79000 (1572864) at 7FBF9000
attn=FF(60,82) fc=-1 kn=22451 cs=8353 rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0

Exception "Access Fault" ($4008) PC = $7FC99870 (Task 'Initial CLI', ExpMem
$A0870) Word Read from $67F924

$7fc99846 lsl.w #5,d4
$7fc99848 lea ($7fc994d6,pc),a3
$7fc9984c move.w (0,a3,d4.w),d4 ;$00029504
$7fc99850 add.l d3,d4
$7fc99852 subq.l #2,d4
$7fc99854 move.l d2,a1
$7fc99856 move.l (a1)+,a0 ;$7fcbb1c6
$7fc99858 move.l ($24,a0),a3 ;$7fcbc5ce
$7fc9985c cmp.l #$abe0,d4
$7fc99862 bge.w $7fc99a48
$7fc99866 adda.l d4,a3
$7fc99868 move.l a2,d1
$7fc9986a and.b #$fe,d1
$7fc9986e move.l d1,a2
$7fc99870 move.w (a2)+,(a3) ;$0067f924 $0002ef22
$7fc99872 move.w (a2)+,($2c,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002ef4e
$7fc99876 move.w (a2)+,($58,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002ef7a
$7fc9987a move.w (a2)+,($84,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002efa6
$7fc9987e move.w (a2)+,($b0,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002efd2
$7fc99882 move.w (a2)+,($dc,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002effe
$7fc99886 move.w (a2)+,($108,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f02a
$7fc9988a move.w (a2)+,($134,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f056
$7fc9988e move.w (a2)+,($160,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f082
$7fc99892 move.w (a2)+,($18c,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f0ae
$7fc99896 move.w (a2)+,($1b8,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f0da
$7fc9989a move.w (a2)+,($1e4,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f106
$7fc9989e move.w (a2)+,($210,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f132
$7fc998a2 move.w (a2)+,($23c,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f15e
$7fc998a6 move.w (a2)+,($268,a3) ;$0067f924 $0002f18a

exception stackframe:
$7FC7B568 00007FC9 98704008 0067F924 01410800
regular stack:
$7FC8EEC4 7FCA0DD0 7FCB18D0 7FEDB334 00001000 1FF246D7 7FC86B2C 00000001 7FEDB156
$7FC8EEE4 00001000 7FC7B684 00000001 1FF23745 1FF22BD7 7FC8DD04 7FEDB27A 7FEDB28B
$7FC8EF04 7FEC7000 7FC8DD04 7FC8EF20 7FEDB2E4 7FC86B2C 7FEDB2D8 7FC18DEA 00001000
$7FC8EF24 7FC8793C 7FCC7168 00002C30 1FF21FC8 00000000 7FC7C318 00000000 0000001E
$7FC8EF44 4B756E67 46754D61 73746572 2F30342E 38737678 2E726E63 0061702E 7FCC7168

  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx 486E80 67F924 7FCBB1C2 E4 A5E2 2000 D9704 C
Ax 7FCBC5AA 7FCBB1C6 67F924 2EF22 7FCBB1CE DFF000 7FC79B00

                 TTSM III XNZVC
PC=7FC99870 SR=%0000000000000000 USP=7FC8EEC4 SSP=7FC7B568
VBR=0 SFC=5 DFC=1 CACR=0 PCR=4300622 BUSCR=0
TC=8000 URP=7FEC5E00 SRP=7FEC5E00 DTT0=0 DTT1=0 ITT0=0 ITT1=0

intena=%0110000000101000 dmacon=%0000011111101111 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A300 vhposr...0305 joy0dat..05FF joy1dat..00FB clxdat...87FF
pot0dat..0000 pot1dat..3A00 potinp...5500 serdatr..3800 dskbytr..A000
deniseid.00F8 hhposr...FF36
   ciaa: PI ROPS ciab: PI ROPS
cra=00000000 ta=21FF<21FF cra=00000001 ta=1969<35C7
crb=00000001 tb=C2B7<FFFF crb=00001000 tb= 240< 240
   10RTWCLO parallel DRCCDSOY M3210HDS
pra=11111110 prb=11111111 pra=11111111 prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000 ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=0018EF icr=00 sdr=00 event=14D675 icr=00 sdr=00

note ~0012561

CFOU (developer)

for VBR no problem on real 060

note ~0012562

CFOU (developer)

but i will vérify see:
*PC=7FC99870 SR=%0000000000000000 USP=7FC8EEC4 SSP=7FC7B568

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