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0002772LimesAndNapoleon[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-01-12 23:06
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoLimes & Napoleon (EAS)
Summary0002772: Hello, I have gfx errors in the game, this happens on WinUAE and on real
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal, disks
SlaveVersion: version 1.0 (21.04.06)

I have gfx errors in the game, this happens on WinUAE and on real hardware.
Can you take a look at them? Thanks in advance!
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0006644

Irek (reporter)

after trying with snoopocs option,the game crash with this error.

************************* 12-Jan-19 12:03:19 ************************18.3.5863***
Slave='LimesAndNapoleon.slave' (1340 bytes)
ShadowMem 545BC2F0 - 546302F0 ( 475136) AbsolutMem 74000 - 80000 ( 49152)
Resload 5BF6A000 - 5BF71C8C ( 31884) at 5BF6A000 GL=$5BF73000
Slave 5BFFE000 - 5BFFE518 ( 1304) at 5BFFE000 BaseMemSize=$80000
attn=7F(40,82) fc=-1 kn=10371 cs=A7CE rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0

invalid copperlist entry (cmove #$3680,bplcon0) at address $20224 PC = $1F090,
Word Write to $DFF096 (custom.dmacon)

$0001f042 lea ($50000),a0
$0001f048 lea ($60000),a1
$0001f04e bsr.w $23f0e
$0001f052 clr.w ($dff102)
$0001f058 move.w #$1af,($dff096)
$0001f060 jsr ($23056)
$0001f066 lea ($26000),a3
$0001f06c move.l #$24d23,d1
$0001f072 bsr.w $247aa
$0001f076 lea ($26000),a0
$0001f07c lea ($50000),a1
$0001f082 bsr.w $23f0e
$0001f086 move.w #$81a0,($dff096)
$0001f08e clr.l d0
$0001f090 cmpi.b #$ff,($24d77)
$0001f098 bne.w $1f0b2
$0001f09c move.l #1,d0
$0001f0a2 clr.l d1
$0001f0a4 clr.l d2
$0001f0a6 move.b ($24d81),d1
$0001f0ac move.b ($24d82),d2
$0001f0b2 clr.b ($24d81)
$0001f0b8 clr.b ($24d82)
$0001f0be jsr ($5bffe21c)
$0001f0c4 clr.b ($24d77)
$0001f0ca move.b d2,($24d72)
$0001f0d0 move.b #$30,($24d6f)
$0001f0d8 move.b #$30,($24d70)
$0001f0e0 move.b #$30,($24d71)

exception stackframe:
$0007FFBC 20040001 F0907008 0007FFB4 04C50045 00C50005 00DFF096 00DFF096 FFFF81A0
$0007FFDC 00DFF096 FFFF81A0 0000A0F0 0000012A 00024790 00023F94 0001F086
regular stack:
$0007FFF8 5BFFE2B6 5BFFE168

  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx 0 FFFF 1 FFFF 0 0 25B4 FFFF
Ax 2600C 50000 50000 26000 B8 A0F0 12A

                 TTSM III XNZVC
PC= 1F090 SR %0010000000000100 USP=7FC00 ISP=7FFBC MSP=7F800
VBR=5BF74000 SFC=5 DFC=5 CACR=80008000 MMUSR=0
TC=8000 URP=5BF68000 SRP=5BF68000 DTT0=0 DTT1=0 ITT0=0 ITT1=0

intena=%0100000000001000 dmacon=%0000011001010000 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A300 vhposr...0FC1 joy0dat..0F20 joy1dat..0004 clxdat...8001
pot0dat..EB39 pot1dat..1FD5 potinp...5500 serdatr..3BFF dskbytr..8000
vposw....A300 bltcon0..F9F0 bltcon1..0000 bltafwm..FFFF bltalwm..FFFF
bltapt...0002 bltaptl..3496 bltdpt...0002 bltdptl..3494 bltsize..020E
bltamod..000C bltdmod..000C cop1lc...0002 cop1lcl..0224 cop2lc...0000
cop2lcl..1000 diwstrt..2981 diwstop..29C1 ddfstrt..0038 ddfstop..00D0
aud0pt...0005 aud0ptl..C854 aud0len..0001 aud0per..00F0 aud0vol..0000
aud1pt...0005 aud1ptl..2500 aud1len..0001 aud1per..010D aud1vol..0000
aud2pt...0007 aud2ptl..0EE8 aud2len..0001 aud2per..010D aud2vol..0000
aud3pt...0005 aud3ptl..F190 aud3len..0001 aud3per..0140 aud3vol..0000
bpl1pt...0002 bpl1ptl..0FF4 bpl2pt...0002 bpl2ptl..3628 bpl3pt...0002
bpl3ptl..3650 bpl4pt...0002 bpl4ptl..3678 bpl5pt...0002 bpl5ptl..36A0
bplcon0..0000 bplcon1..0000 bpl1mod..0000 bpl2mod..0000 spr0ctl..0000
spr0data.0000 spr0datb.0000 spr1ctl..0000 spr1data.0000 spr1datb.0000
spr2ctl..0000 spr2data.0000 spr2datb.0000 spr3ctl..0000 spr3data.0000
spr3datb.0000 spr4ctl..0000 spr4data.0000 spr4datb.0000 spr5ctl..0000
spr5data.0000 spr5datb.0000 spr6ctl..0000 spr6data.0000 spr6datb.0000
spr7ctl..0000 spr7data.0000 spr7datb.0000 color00..0000 color01..00AF
color02..0604 color03..0816 color04..0A38 color05..0B6B color06..0D9D
color07..0FDF color08..00B6 color09..00C8 color10..00DA color11..00EC
color12..00FF color13..0B00 color14..0D33 color15..0F77 color16..0C00
color17..0D20 color18..0D40 color19..0E70 color20..0FA0 color21..0FD3
color22..0FF7 color23..0FFC color24..0444 color25..0777 color26..0AAA
color27..0DDD color28..0049 color29..006B color30..009D color31..00CF

   ciaa: PI ROPS ciab: PI ROPS
    cra=00000000 ta=21FF<21FF cra=00000000 ta=FFFF<FFFF
    crb=00000000 tb=21FF<21FF crb=00000000 tb=FFFF<FFFF
        10RTWCLO parallel DRCCDSOY M3210HDS
    pra=11111110 prb=11111111 pra=11111111 prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000 ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=000B00 icr=00 sdr=00 event=0D72F7 icr=00 sdr=00
       alarm=FFFFFF icm=88 alarm=0AD303 icm=00

note ~0007640

CFOU (developer)

it's sprite bug only on AGA chipset.

i'll try to fix it

note ~0007641

CFOU (developer)

fixed with v1.1 patch

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