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0002413Moonstone[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2011-05-06 20:18
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoMoonstone (Mindscape)
Summary0002413: Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight
DescriptionHi, I've found a bug in the slave -> the game does not position elements in caves randomly. I've tested a few options and even after hard reset keys and other objects were in the same places as before. On the adf version everything is fine. Even once I've fought instead of a bore with a warrior with long spear.
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WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0002231

Retroplay (reporter)

I don't think this is bug related to WHDLoad.
The cracked version by Crystal I played back in the day never positioned the elements randomly, they where always in the same place.

note ~0002232

Lucas (reporter)

I checked the CLS version at my friend's as I've written :)

note ~0002233

Retroplay (reporter)

That's very strange, a friend of mine even drew a map of where to find the keys/elements.
I do see that TOSEC lists several [a] versions of Moonstone, maybe some of them have been tampered with somehow.

note ~0002251

Wepl (manager)

can you please describe how to reproduce this problem?
in which cave should which items appear randomly?
please provide also a link to download the disk images you used.

note ~0002253

Lucas (reporter)


j.w :)

note ~0002260

administrator (administrator)

which cave?
which item?

note ~0002261

Lucas (reporter)

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ALL ITEMS in ALL CAVES -> vary the amount of money, items, random key in a different cave.
OPPONENTS -> Only warriors with spears <-> wild.


Start Game...




SOFT RESET & Wins...


note ~0002278

Wepl (manager)

please try the attached new slave
the random init has been modified, on my real hardware I could not reproduce your problem, but maybe this happens only on winuae
please note that for the first map after starting the game there are only 4 possible distributions of items!
so when checking try more than two games...
ob subsequent games also other distributions are possible

note ~0002290

Lucas (reporter)

it's working ;)
Thank you, Bert

note ~0002292

Wepl (manager)

new install package has been released

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