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ChipMem2 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0002436: Got a big problem - save doesnt work, whatever I do! When I save a game the
DescriptionGameVersion: german,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.1

Got a big problem - save doesnt work, whatever I do!
When I save a game the hd-led starts flickering and also the screen, Amiga does something but dont no what! It writes something to disk (while screen is black) and hangs up! Or is it possible that save takes about more than 2 minutes? Cant believe!
Screen stuttering between black and save-menĂ¼, Amiga writes something to disk while screen is black but not a complete savegame! While "hangup" i have to hard-reset and after restart i can find a "savegame" but I am not able to restart that savegame - seems to be incomplete!
It is not saving corrctly...
When I enter "writedelay=0" to tooltypes it fasten up the flickering-process enormous but it has no other effect, id doesnt save correctly!
My hd is a cf-card, every other games works fine, only Anstoss doesnt save!
Please help me, thanks!
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2011-05-09 23:10   
maybe saving the first time takes a long time, with writedelay=0 wait some minutes?
2011-05-22 23:15   
Testet it again and again, it doesnt work - even when i wait 5 minutes, it is more likely that I destroy my tv by that fast flickering than getting a savegame :(

Isnt it anyhow possible to save to ramdisk or something like that? Ive got 64Mb of ram...ive got the same problem when I enter "savepath=ram disk:" to tooltypes before starting Anstoss, the only difference at saving is that my hd doesnt access, the led wont flicker-but screen is flickering like before and it will not get back into the game, it hangs up until a hard reset...
2011-05-25 20:39   
5 minutes is long, here it takes around 3 minutes
however this isn't a nice behavior, I agree
this long saving time happens only on the first time, on subsequent saves it is fast
as a workaround you can do the following:
just copy any file which it at least 150000 bytes large to the save directory in the games dir and name it somehow with the extension .ans (e.g. "copy devs:kickstarts/kick340005.a500 data/save/mysave.ans")
then save from the game to this existing file (it should get truncated to a size 148371)
2011-06-03 22:31   
What's the fastest way to save? I don't seem to remember or to be able to do it again.
I'd like to test that more.
2011-06-07 23:50   
if the savegames have always the same size, the best fix would be to add a patch at the beginning of the save routine which creates a empty save game file with the full size, e.g. using resload_SaveFileOffset(size=1,offset=size-1,name,address)
2011-06-08 18:07   
Yeah Bert I was planning to do just that. But now I'm not able to access the save menu!!! I'm sure I have tested this (since it's noted in the readme that saves are slow) but now I'm looking for the fastest way to reach "save".
2011-06-10 23:31   
it's somewhere in the office, you have to click at some inventory icon
can tell you when back home after 17th
2014-03-09 20:09   
Any news on that issue? I would like to play a season. But with this saving behavior it's impossible.
2014-05-03 11:48   
yup, could reproduce. Working on it.

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