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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0000239: Arkanoid: Hi WEPL, First, congratulations for your work, it's incredible. I'm a
DescriptionInstall: Arkanoid (Discovery Software) http://whdload.de/games/Arkanoid.html
GameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.0 from 18.05.1999

First, congratulations for your work, it's incredible.
I'm a very good friend of Psygore who lives one kilometer far from where i live.
I write you a bug report but it's not really one.
I would better say it's some things i've noticed by playing Arkanoid 1 and Arkanoid 2, the revenge of Doh.
For Arkanoid 1, it's short:
The game is much too fast, it's impossible to go very far because the ball goes too fast very quickly.
When it runned on an Amiga 500, it was very comfortable to play this game but now, it's very difficult, that's too bad, shame.
Another thing i've noticed: when the game is finished, on the continue game, the continue screen has a decreasing timer that is bugged, the numbers does not appear, it's a decraesing string of character...
Another thing, is it normal to have so many Credits (99) or is it a trainer?
For Arkanoid 2, the game is too fast too in my opinion and when you play a 2 players game, the mark that indicates who is the current player is "crashed", that's a little thing but i prefer to report you everything, even the small ones.
Perhaps you'll think I'm very annoying but i like when the programs runs very good and are unbuggable.
Is it possible to solve all these (little?) problems?
Thanks a lot for your answer...
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2009-06-22 21:51   
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 19:33:26 +0500
From: Don Adan
To: Bert Jahn
Subject: Arka


I found perhaps some (?) bugs for Arkanoid slave.
I checked a few PAL version (slave v1.7) on my A2000 (68000).
When game is over I can on continue game screen see very quickly
"TIMER=9" text, then this is changed in "=4=40008" style text,
which is incorrect, I think.
Also I can not quit (tested only via F10 key) from this game.

   Don Adan
2009-06-22 21:54   
reporters email address is bouncing
2013-10-12 22:35   
new install has been released.
game speed seems normal to me.
timer display is fixed.
99 credits are a relict from the automat conversion, this is normal.

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