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Total Football (Domark/Acclaim)

download the install packageTotalFootball.lha
created at2007-06-20
size of install package32445 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker499
Hall Of Light1474
Lemon Amiga1811

Short : HD-Installer for Total Football
Type : game/patch
Author : JOTD

Install-Script & HD-loader © 2000-2007 JOTD

Total Football is © 1996 Domark/Akklaim

The loader needs 1 meg chipmem amiga to run.


- Full loading from HD
- Convenient installer script
- Quit key
- Nice Exoticon and even nicer Frank icons


- v1.3: CUSTOM1=1 to fix port 2 for joystick (1 player mode)
- v1.2: another version supported (without Akklaim logo)
- v1.1: first WHDLoad release
- v1.0: JST release. Needed 2MB of chipmem

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
TotalFootball.slave - 17.06.2007 18:44:04 - 676 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameTotal Football
info copy1996 Domark/Akklaim
info installadapted & fixed by JOTD
Set CUSTOM1=1 for one player controls
Version 1.3 (17-juin-07 15:36:24)

Install Archive Content Listing
194430lh549712007-06-17 15:52:14TotalFootballHD\Install
20110lh516892007-06-17 15:50:50TotalFootballHD\Install.info
5250lh53472007-06-17 15:50:04TotalFootballHD\README
19900lh513102005-02-05 16:53:50TotalFootballHD\README.info
1130lh5752007-06-17 18:44:04TotalFootballHD\source\Makefile
51710lh519812007-06-17 18:44:04TotalFootballHD\source\TotalFootballHD.asm
18410lh59772004-10-05 23:31:24TotalFootballHD\source\TotalFootballoldHD.asm
00lh002007-06-17 15:52:36TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball
56760lh555482007-06-17 15:52:36TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball.colexot
87250lh573892007-11-18 19:21:10TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball.glowicon
7210lh53042001-11-04 23:31:50TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball.inf
181160lh565632007-11-18 19:21:10TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball.newicon
6760lh55352007-06-17 18:44:04TotalFootballHD\TotalFootball.slave

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