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Street Racer (Epic)

download the install packageStreetRacer.lha
created at2004-07-12
size of install package31385 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker466
Hall Of Light2140

Short : HD-Installer for Street Racer
Type : game/patch
Author : JOTD
Uploader : JOTD

Install-Script & HD-loader © 1997-2004 Jean-François Fabre

Street Racer is © 1994 Epic


v1.5 (01.07.2004)

- fixed another access fault (practice/soccer)
- source code included


- Runs fully from HD, starts from Workbench, using WHDLoad
- Installer script provided
- Access faults/programming error removed
- SNOOP problems fixed
- Decrunch routines/clearmem routines relocated in fastmem for better speed
- Quit key (QUITKEY for WHDload)
- Nice new/glow icons by Frank
- Stack fix by Keith Krellwitz (on the old JST slave)
- Keyboard fixed
- CPU dependent loops fixed


- Thanks to Bored Seal, Juergen Urbanek & Xavier Bodenand for bug reports
- Run in NTSC for better speed (this is default, remove if you wish)
- On the options screen, you have either to plug a joystick in port 0 or unplug
  the mouse because there's a control bug (the same as in Chaos Engine 2) if
  mouse is in port 0.

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
StreetRacer.slave - 01.07.2004 22:52:56 - 2524 bytes
required WHDLoad version11
flagsEmulTrap NoDivZero Req68020 ReqAGA ClearMem
required Chip Memory2048 KiB ($200000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameStreet Racer
info copy1994 Epic
info installInstall & fix by JOTD
V1.5 (01-juil-04 22:52:55)

Install Archive Content Listing
26560lh510022002-03-06 22:59:00StreetRacerHD\Install-StreetRacerCD
10490lh57862001-10-19 19:44:58StreetRacerHD\Install-StreetRacerCD.info
10090lh56182004-07-01 22:58:46StreetRacerHD\readme
13400lh59722001-10-19 19:44:58StreetRacerHD\readme.info
56900lh524272004-07-01 22:52:48StreetRacerHD\source\streetracerhd.asm
139850lh5124352001-10-19 19:44:58StreetRacerHD\StreetRacer.glowicon
40560lh521512001-10-19 19:44:58StreetRacerHD\StreetRacer.inf
155730lh590042001-10-19 19:44:58StreetRacerHD\StreetRacer.newicon
25240lh514882004-07-01 22:52:56StreetRacerHD\StreetRacer.slave

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