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Rock'n Roll (Rainbow Arts)

download the install packageRocknRoll.lha
created at2013-02-24
size of install package64286 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Harry & Wepl
Mantis BugTracker1075
Hall Of Light1266
Lemon Amiga911

That patch applies to RocknRoll (c) 1989 Rainbow Arts, both original and
rerelease version.

You will have to install it with that install to run it from hd.
That install needs WHDLoad and RawDIC in the path (eg in c:).

Fixed:  Stackframe error.
	Several dbf-delays replaced.
	Crash after completion of the game (hopefully) fixed (Not tested 
	 already, completing the game with the shortest way takes at
	 least 2.5 h and 2 times testplaying is enough to me).

Default quitkey is numerical *. You may change it in the icon with QUITKEY= .

Notes: 	Try COUNTRY or MAGIC MAP instead of your name, or the levelchoice
	with RAINBOW ARTS . Magic number for levelchoice is aaxxbbbbxxcc.
	Hereby is aa the level you want and cc the level backwards, and
	sum of bbbb gives the levelnumber. Example: 25XX6667XX52.
	Do not edit the highscorefile, or the game wont work anymore.

Additional note: There is one defective charge of that rerelease. I managed
	to restore the defective data and included it (encrypted) in the
	imager. If you have that charge too (it crashes in level 7 or 8) you
	need to install your very original disk and not a backup, or the
	defective track (#5) cant be recognized and will not be restored.

The install is tested with 2 MB on an A1200, and on an 18 MB 68030.

Since my installs are freeware, and although i try to make them as reliable
as possible, you use them wholly on your own risk.

Full whdload package:	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?.lha
Other installs:		http://www.whdload.de/

Version 2.0 (24.02.2013) by Wepl
- new system friendly RawDIC imager
- extra imager included which is able to extract your highscores from
  disk, even from a cracked disk because scores are saved on cylinder
  80 in a non standard format in original and cracked releases;
  just run "rawdic RocknRoll_HS.ISlave" and copy the created file 'rrhigh'
  to the installed game data directory
- blitwaits in the intro added
- intro can be skipped via Custom1 tooltype
- highscores are divided by 10 to avoid overflow at 1000000 which is
  easiley reached in a normal play through (via jumping back you can
  get even higher scores, although I doubt that somebody will do because
  of the time needed to)
- leading zeros in the highscore table removed
- title scrolling fixed
- button control on map display fixed
- disk loader optimized to require less resload calls (2 disk version)
- source and docs included
- new icons

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
RocknRoll.Slave - 24.02.2013 19:52:10 - 2064 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameRock'n Roll
info copy1989 Rainbow Arts
info installInstalled and fixed by Harry & Wepl
Version 2.0 (24.02.2013)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:B:Skip Intro

Install Archive Content Listing
34021lh51413Amiga2003-11-26 16:02:42RocknRoll Install/Hints
19901lh51311Amiga2012-11-08 22:41:42RocknRoll Install/Hints.info
15841lh51046Amiga2013-02-24 18:09:34RocknRoll Install.info
362771lh59087Amiga2012-08-28 00:19:22RocknRoll Install/Install
12541lh5827Amiga2012-08-23 23:21:30RocknRoll Install/Install.info
118831lh54629Amiga2003-11-26 16:02:42RocknRoll Install/Manual
19901lh51317Amiga2011-12-20 11:08:34RocknRoll Install/Manual.info
24251lh51334Amiga2013-02-24 18:26:32RocknRoll Install/ReadMe
27641lh51801Amiga2012-08-23 23:13:40RocknRoll Install/ReadMe.info
164481lh513220Amiga2012-08-23 23:19:14RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll.colexot
49121lh53662Amiga2012-08-23 23:19:20RocknRoll Install/RockNRoll.colicon
3281lh5254Amiga2012-01-14 17:58:08RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll_HS.ISlave
21971lh51117Amiga1997-12-22 02:13:58RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll.inf
23561lh5883Amiga2012-08-28 00:12:24RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll.ISlave
112221lh58920Amiga2012-08-23 23:19:04RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll.newexot
20641lh51405Amiga2013-02-24 19:52:10RocknRoll Install/RocknRoll.Slave
38291lh51719Amiga1998-11-23 15:45:10RocknRoll Install/Solution
19901lh51312Amiga2011-12-20 11:08:34RocknRoll Install/Solution.info
27201lh51132Amiga2012-01-14 18:18:36RocknRoll Install/src/rocknroll_hs.islave.asm
84421lh51810Amiga2012-08-28 00:17:02RocknRoll Install/src/rocknroll.islave.asm
132551lh54701Amiga2013-02-24 19:46:50RocknRoll Install/src/rocknrollslave.asm

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