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Puggsy (Psygnosis)

download the install packagePuggsy.lha
created at2001-04-03
size of install package18347 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker1298
Hall Of Light1176
Lemon Amiga1855

Short: HD Installer for Puggsy V1.0
Type: game/patch
Author: jffabre@free.fr (Jean-François Fabre)
Uploader: jffabre@free.fr (Jean-François Fabre)

Install-Script & HD-loader © 1997-2001 Jean-François FABRE

Puggsy is Copyright © 1993 Psygnosis


- An amiga with any 680x0 CPU
- 2MB of memory
- Puggsy original disks (4 disks)
- 1 or 2 button joystick


Click on the Install_Puggsy icon to install the game.
Select which type of install you need (JST/WHDLoad)

The WHDload slave is a direct port of the JST install using the jst2whdload
source level converter by Harry/Jeff


- Runs from HD/RAM
- Convenient installer script
- Runs either with JST or WHDLoad (both slave types included)
- Memory patch: now runs on 512 chipmem amigas if you've got fastmem anywhere
- 2nd joystick button patch (it did not work properly)
- Quit key (F10 for JST slave/QUITKEY for WHDLoad slave) at any time
- Proper cache handling
- Relocated decrunch routines in fast memory when possible

Note: if you had a previous JST installed version, you'll have to create a "data"
directory and move all the files into it, or simply re-install.

Tested on A1200/Blizzard 68060/16MB fast and on A1200/2MB chip (set NOCACHE on)

Source code available on request.

Enjoy this cool game from Travelers Tales on your HD


Puggsy	Psygnosis, Travellers Tales and The Dome	PlatFormer	1993	JW--	2321642

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Puggsy.slave - 03.04.2001 20:49:43 - 1236 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsNoError EmulTrap NoDivZero ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory512 KiB ($80000)
info namePuggsy
info copy1993 Psygnosis
info installInstalled by JF Fabre
V1.00 (30-mars-01 22:25:18)

Install Archive Content Listing
01lhd0UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD
22731lh5561UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD.info
29121lh5956UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/Install_Puggsy
10711lh5798UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/Install_Puggsy.info
15281lh5722UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/PuggsyHD
62861lh56125UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/PuggsyHD.icon
14321lh5842UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/puggsyhd.readme
10781lh5781UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/puggsyhd.readme.info
62541lh56098UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/Puggsy.icon
12361lh5770UNIX2001-04-03 20:49:42PuggsyHD/Puggsy.slave

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