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Pinball Dreams (Digital Illusions)

download the install packagePinballDreams.lha
created at2003-07-11
size of install package42734 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker48
Hall Of Light1054
Lemon Amiga837

Title......: HD-Installer for Pinball Dreams
Type.......: Hard drive patch (WHDLoad)
Author.....: Galahad of Fairlight (gldflt@blueyonder.co.uk)

This patch applies to Pinball Dreams, 1992 Digital Illusions

2 Disk version, Initial original release PAL
2 Disk version, Amiga A12oo Zool Pack release
2 Disk version, Dreams & Fantasies pack release
2 Disk version, Initial original release NTSC
Thanks to John Regent, Bert Jahn and Quietust for the various versions

Slave requires WHDLOAD V15+.
Game requires 1.3 MB Chip Mem (+ 2.3 other memory for preload option)

Version 1.0
- Full load from Hard drive (REAL files!)
- Lame-o-Protect removed (Custom TSL MFM format)
- Load/Save Hiscores to Hard drive
- Decrunch routine relocated to fast ram
- Quit option is 'Del'

Version 1.1
- System Friendly disk Imager used
- 2 more versions supported (NTSC version to follow)
- All REAL files located in data directory

Version 1.3
- NTSC version now supported
- Installer and nice icons by Frank
- Slave optimised further
- Registered users only
- Quit option is 'F10'


Special thank you to Quietust who sprang out of nowhere to offer his NTSC
version.... I've only been waiting two years!!! :)

I am not aware of any other versions of Pinball Dreams that need supporting,
if you know otherwise, let me know.
Enjoy this modern classic.

Regards, Galahad, Bert, Frank, John and Quietust


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
PinballDreams.Slave - 24.06.2003 23:54:26 - 1356 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name--> Pinball Dreams <--
info copy1992 Digital Illusions
info install----------------------
Installed and fixed by
Galahad of Fairlight
Thanks to John Regent, Bert Jahn
and Quietust for the images
Thanks to Frank for the installer
and icons
v1.3 (23/06/2003)

Install Archive Content Listing
33650lh521582003-07-02 21:10:34PinballDreamsHD.info
101300lh528482003-07-02 21:11:34PinballDreamsHD\Install
26890lh516712003-06-25 00:00:34PinballDreamsHD\Install.info
107570lh533002003-06-25 00:00:06PinballDreamsHD\Manual
43140lh527482003-06-25 00:00:34PinballDreamsHD\Manual.info
140160lh5132722003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\PinballDreams.coloricon
5760lh53372003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\PinballDreams.ISlave
199750lh5109072003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\PinballDreams.newicon
13560lh58562003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\PinballDreams.Slave
14130lh57762003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\ReadMe
43140lh527462003-06-25 00:00:34PinballDreamsHD\ReadMe.info
6320lh54842003-06-24 23:54:26PinballDreamsHD\TSLDOS.exe

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