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Metal Gear (Hoffman)

download the install packageMetalGear.lha
created at2021-08-02
size of install package46171 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light6422
Lemon Amiga4639
download images for that installhoffman.home.blog

Short : HD-Installer for Metal Gear
Type : game/patch
Author : Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That install applies to "Metal Gear" © 2021 Hoffman

It requires:
 - WHDLoad 17+
 - 512 KB ChipMem and 512 KB OtherMem

Version 1.1 (01.08.2021) by Psygore:
 - Supports game version 1.1
 - Set CUSTOM1=1 to skip crack intro
 - Manual included

Version 1.0 (21.05.2021) by Psygore:
 - Nice Color/NewIcon (created by me) included
 - Stack moved to fast memory
 - Load/Save game position ('MetalGear.sv') on HD (load save game position
   from disk.1 if no saved file is found on HD) 
 - Quit with F10

An amazing amiga port done by Hoffman in 2021 from the
MSX2 version by Konami in 1987

Amiga port credits
Amiga code and audio.....Hoffman
Additional Amiga GFX.....Toni Galvez
Z80 disassembly..........Manuel Pazos
Additional translation...Akira

You can download the disk image here:

Have fun!

If you have problems with this installation please report them via the
Bug-Report-Form which can be accessed via 


or via mail to: psygore@whdload.de

for full WHDLoad package and other installs refer to:

        or      aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?
        and     aminet:game/patch/

--- (_ __¬) __) \ ¬) ___)   ¬) __¬)¬__) ---
 --  /  _/__¬\  / / /_¬\  --/ _  / __)  --
  - (__/(_____)  /(_____)  /_/ \(_____) -
            (___/      \__/     \__)in 08.2021

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
MetalGear.slave - 01.08.2021 09:05:24 - 1152 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory516 KiB ($81000)
info nameMetal Gear
info copy2021 Hoffman
info installInstalled by Psygore
Version 1.1 (01 Aug 2021)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:B:Skip Crack Intro

Install Archive Content Listing
39751lh51792Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD.info
383051lh59520Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/Install-MetalGear
37121lh52572Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/Install-MetalGear.info
115141lh54744Amiga2021-08-01 09:05:24MetalGearHD/Manual
19901lh51313Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/Manual.info
40921lh53659Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/MetalGear.colicon
133261lh511397Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/MetalGear.colicon2
200151lh52193Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/MetalGear.newicon
11521lh5899Amiga2021-08-01 09:05:24MetalGearHD/MetalGear.slave
15281lh5805Amiga2021-08-01 09:05:24MetalGearHD/ReadMe
19901lh51313Amiga2021-05-21 08:23:10MetalGearHD/ReadMe.info
52401lh05240Amiga2021-08-02 12:28:20MetalGearHD/src/MetalGearHD_src.lzx

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