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Magicland Dizzy (Codemasters)

download the install packageMagiclandDizzy.lha
created at2024-04-25
size of install package30424 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Abaddon & Bored Seal & StingRay & DJ Mike
Mantis BugTracker276
Hall Of Light2390
Lemon Amiga322

Short: HD-Installer for Magicland Dizzy
Type: game/patch
Author: Abaddon, Bored Seal, StingRay, DJ Mike
Version: 1.6

This patch applies to "Magicland Dizzy" by Code Masters (c) 1991 - 1 disk.
Slave requires WHDLOAD V17+.
Game requires 0.5MB ChipRAM (+ 0.5MB RAM for PreLoad)

- Game loads entirely from HD
- RNC disk protection removed
- BPLCON0 access fixed (1x)
- BPLCON2 access fixed (3x)
- Decruncher relocated to Fast RAM
- Interrupts fixed
- Keyboard interrupts added
- Writes to $dff000 fixed (x2)
- Trainers added - use CUSTOM1 to set:
  + 1 for unlimited lives
  + 2 for unlimited energy
  + 4 to enable in-game keys:
    L - toggle unlimited lives
	E - toggle unlimited energy
	F - refill energy
- Hidden credits part can be enabled with CUSTOM2=1
- 2nd/blue button to jump, enabled with CUSTOM3=1
  (on CD32 pads, use yellow+left shoulder+right shoulder to quit the game)
- Quit option (your default key)
- Exotic icon included
- Source code included

V1.0-1.2 by Abaddon
V1.3 (08-Apr-2003) by Bored Seal:
- install completely reworked, BPLCON0/BPLCON2 access fixed, trainer added
V1.4 (16-Aug-2006) by Bored Seal:
- fast mem usage
V1.5 (27-Dec-2015) by StingRay:
- crash during title part fixed
- hidden credits part supported
- Bplcon2 fixes corrected
- interrupts fixed	
- keyboard interrupts added
- 68000 quitkey support
- more trainers added (unlimited energy, in-game keys)
- uses WHDLoad v17+ features
- new install script
V1.6 (23-Apr-2024) by DJ Mike:
- slowdown/missing scoreboard bug fixed (Mantis issue #4981)
- 2-button/CD32 pad jump support added
- reduced memory required to only 512kb chip

Pause the game and slowly type DIAMONDS AND PEARLS for infinite lives.

Notes for V1.6 (DJ Mike)
The game's engine is nearly identical to Prince of the Yolkfolk (not surprising,
since both were coded by Del), so it was very straightforward to lift the joypad
support from one to the other.

The slowdown bug was due to a missing memory clear, which it turns out is needed
otherwise the game's state starts corrupted. It would also cause a missing
scoreboard if NOVBRMOVE was set. It might be there's a debug flag somewhere to
skip frames, but I haven't drilled down to look for specifics.

I've also dropped the memory needed to 512kb chip, as the extra was only ever
used for caching disk loads. If you're using PRELOAD then WHDLoad is already
doing that for you, and if not then you'd probably rather save the memory!

Notes for V1.5 (StingRay)
I (StingRay) have updated this patch, the crash during the title part
has been fixed and the hidden credits part is now supported too. Additionally
I have fixed the interrupts, corrected the BPLCON2 fixes, added keyboard
interrupts and 68000 quitkey support and added a few more trainer options.
Available trainer options are:

CUSTOM1=1: enables unlimited lives
CUSTOM1=2: enables unlimited energy
CUSTOM1=4: enable in-game keys, these are:
	   L - toggle unlimited lives
	   E - toggle unlimited energy
	   F - refill energy

Since I have updated the patch to use WHDLoad v17+ features all trainer
options can be selected in WHDLoad's splash window.

You can also enable the hidden credits part with CUSTOM2. It can still be
activated by pressing DEL (Del/Anarchy is the coder of the game!) during
the title screen as well.

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
MagiclandDizzy.slave - 23.04.2024 20:40:34 - 1916 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameMagicland Dizzy
info copy1991 Code Masters
info installInstalled and fixed by
Bored Seal & StingRay & DJ Mike
Version 1.6 (23-Apr-2024)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Unlimited Lives:0;
C1:X:Unlimited Energy:1;
C1:X:In-Game Keys:2;
C2:B:Enable hidden Credits Part;
C3:B:CD32 Controls / 2nd Button Jump

Install Archive Content Listing
12381lh5713Amiga2024-04-23 21:11:10MagiclandDizzyHD.info
386211lh59532Amiga2015-12-27 15:54:08MagiclandDizzyHD/Install
18781lh51033Amiga2024-04-23 21:00:48MagiclandDizzyHD/Install.info
98611lh57121Amiga2006-08-17 11:06:18MagiclandDizzyHD/MagiclandDizzy.inf
19161lh51442Amiga2024-04-23 20:40:34MagiclandDizzyHD/MagiclandDizzy.slave
34891lh51682Amiga2024-04-23 21:15:16MagiclandDizzyHD/ReadMe
51601lh51645Amiga2024-04-23 21:00:48MagiclandDizzyHD/ReadMe.info
113291lh54594Amiga2024-04-23 20:40:14MagiclandDizzyHD/src/MagiclandDizzy.asm
64971lh52085Amiga2024-04-21 22:35:48MagiclandDizzyHD/src/ReadJoypad.s

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