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Killing Game Show (Psygnosis)

download the install packageKillingGameShow.lha
created at2007-12-16
size of install package73213 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Harry & Psygore
Mantis BugTracker788
Hall Of Light2575
Lemon Amiga1200

Short : HD-Installer for Killing Game Show
Type : game/patch
Author : Harry & Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That install applies to "Killing Game Show" (c) 1990 Psygnosis
It supports pal- and ntsc- version.

This install has the imager-version 1.0 and the slave-version 1.1.
It needs WHDLoad v14+ and RawDIC in the path (eg in c:).

Quit game with numerical *.

Trainer: Key "1" toggles water rising.
	 Key "2" toggles energy losses.
	 Key "3" lets choose you between all stages (press this before
                 accessing the stage-menu).

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you take too long to solve a level with water-trainer, 
         teleporters/chainholders will vanish. This results from the replay-
         feature which overwrites then some memory which couldnt be reached 
         in normal mode because you would die earlier. I couldnt fix this 
         until now. So use the watertrainer to get a general look of that
         level and try to solve it then with the energytrainer only.
         Level 1 and 8 dont contain teleporters nor chainholders.

The install is tested with 2 MB on an A1200, on an 18 MB 68030 and on an
146 MB 68060.

Note:    Once you used the trainer the program will not save highscores 
         this run-time anymore.

History: V1.00 - 1997-dec-22 NTSC-version added.
	 V1.01 - 2000-sep-18 CACR-modifying fixed.
	 V1.1  by Psygore (28.01.2007)
	       - RawDIC used to create diskimage
	       - Slave reworked and uses 512 KB of ChipMem
	       - Stack and decruncher relocated in FastMem
	       - Some blitter waits inserted
	       - Snoopbug fixed
	       - Empty dbf loop patched (soundtracker routine)
	       - Music is correctly played under pal/ntsc screen
	       - 2nd fire button supported for jumping
	       - New install script
	       - Some icons added (created by Chris and Frank)
	       - Manual included
	 V1.2  by Psygore (15.12.2007)
	       - Access fault after the intro fixed (when keyboard is pressed)
	       - BoxIcon included

Disclaimer: Although i try to make my installs as reliable as possible, you 
            use them wholly on your own risk.

Full whdload package:	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?.lha
Other installs:		http://www.whdload.de/
Report bugs with the bug report form on that page.

Harry in December 1997/September 2000.
Psygore in January 2007.

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
KillingGameShow.slave - 15.12.2007 22:53:06 - 3072 bytes
required WHDLoad version14
flagsNoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory8 KiB ($2000)
info nameKilling Game Show
info copy1990 Psygnosis
info installInstalled by Harry & Psygore
Version 1.2 (15 Dec 2007)

Install Archive Content Listing
39750lh517972007-01-28 22:14:50KillingGameShowHD.info
296430lh576342007-12-15 23:23:18KillingGameShowHD\Install-KillingGameShow
37180lh525822007-01-27 22:45:04KillingGameShowHD\Install-KillingGameShow.info
233000lh5183512007-12-15 23:21:20KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.colbox
184970lh5152182007-01-22 21:48:52KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.colchris
93330lh586652007-01-22 21:47:36KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.colfrank
90710lh543591997-12-20 00:10:46KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.inf
7800lh55602007-12-15 22:43:48KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.islave
30720lh519552007-12-15 22:53:06KillingGameShowHD\KillingGameShow.slave
132840lh560341998-11-23 13:29:08KillingGameShowHD\Manual
57200lh520302007-01-28 22:14:50KillingGameShowHD\Manual.info
23400lh512312007-12-15 23:26:10KillingGameShowHD\Readme
57200lh520292007-01-28 22:14:50KillingGameShowHD\ReadMe.info

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